‘American servant, vote for NATO on September 25th’

‘American servant, vote for NATO on September 25th’

In the last post there is a focus on anti-Americanism and a direct message againstItalia The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi He is called “Quisling”, “collaborator” with the Americans. Daria Dogina In his last post on social media, he said that the only correct possibility for Italians in the 25th elections is to vote for the forces against the institution of “sovereign and popular Italy”, the Rizzo and Engroa party. The rush on the ex-prime minister was published four days ago on the site directed by Daria Dugina, daughter of ideologist Vladimir. put it in Killed in an attack in Russia.

In the article published on United World International (Uwi) and signed by Fabrizio Verde, He states that “Italy Draghi, with its blind servility towards the United States, has contributed to the present collapse of Europe, It brings it to the brink of an economic, political and social crisis.” About the impulse “the political elites who decided to follow the dictates of Washington and stand against Russia, which is an indispensable supplier of energy to almost all of Europe.”

Daria Dugina, Moscow accuses Kyiv of murder: «You notorious cowards, it is state terrorism». Ukraine denies involvement

Regarding Italy’s future prospects, the article states that “there is no change in perspective”, not even in the event of a centre-right victory. Because “Giorgia Meloni was in such a hurry, like the other leaders, to profess her faith in NATO, which seems to be a necessity to rule in Italy.” For Daria Dugina, Italians should focus on “a sovereign and popular Italy, which includes such formations as the Communist Party, Ancora Italia, and Restore Italy”: a coalition considered “the only alternative to liberals, war-mongering, and totalitarianism in healthcare”, who sets his program “Among the priorities to get Italy out of the country.” BoyThe European Union, the Euro and the World Health Organization. It includes an immediate halt to arms shipments to the Ukrainian regime and the imposition of sanctions on Russia.” Daria Dugina was sanctioned by the United States in March precisely for her position as director of the United World International Organization, which was considered by Washington. A site for disinformation and propaganda pro-Kremlin.

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