World Science Day for Peace and Development

November 10 marks World Science Day for Peace and Development, a commemoration that brings together technology and climate change

new script irreversible climatic problems It requires, as it can be deduced, new answers. This is why great hopes and responsibilities are attached Technique and on new developments, because they are actors who can help reverse or at least mitigate the Climate Change Effects In the future.

Today November 10 and the World Science Day for Peace and DevelopmentIt is the twentieth anniversary of its publication this year. With climate change, this becomes dangerous A threat For the lives of billions of people and on planet Earth, the celebration of 2021 will highlight the importance of “Building Climate-Ready Communities”.

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Today aims to make sure that I Citizens Aware of developments in science and also emphasizes the The role played by scientists In expanding our understanding of the extraordinary and fragile planet that we all call home.

Organizing an event focused on science’s commitment to peace and development was one of the positive outcomes of 1999 World Science Congress in Budapest. Since it was announced in 2001, this day I gave birth to a lot concrete projectsprograms and funding for science around the world. It has also helped foster collaboration among scholars living in conflict-ridden regions. An example is creating a fileThe Israeli Palestinian Scientific Organization (IPSO).

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technology in sustainable development

L ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development It unites humanity in pursuit of a common aspiration and a new path of action. Investigation sustainable development goals It will require new strategies for development and mobilization innovative resources.

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In fact, the Emerging Technologies It has the potential to provide more impetus for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).sustainable development goals). Key technologies such as Automation, robotics, electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, biotech and artificial intelligence They have tremendous potential to promote growth and prosperity and environmental sustainability.

However, these developments also have some New challenges, new dangers of rising unemployment, inequality and moral struggles. They should be face and beat If you want to rely on new technologies to accelerate the achievement Sustainable development.

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