Previews Part Two, When It Comes Back on TV / RAI Success!

Previews Part Two, When It Comes Back on TV / RAI Success!

Emma Tatarani 2, Part Two: Always Directed by Francesco Amato

The first part of the second season of Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor has been closed and now fans of fantasy will have to wait a few months before watching one of the most beloved characters of contemporary Italian television in prime time. Romaniello’s trial will continue into Part Two, scheduled for next spring. An important role will be played by the underworld, after practically declaring war on the deputy prosecutor with the fire of her husband’s new jazz club, Pietro. Fantasy has been a hit so far and we are sure the second part will not betray expectations. Great credit can be attributed to director Francesco Amato, who actually directed the premiere. Not to forget the authors: Mariolina Venezia (author of the books on which the series is based), Salvatore de Mola, Pier Paolo Pisarelli, Michele Pellegrini and Luca Vendroscolo (by F.D. Zaza).

Imma Tataranni 2, Part Two: What future between Imma and Ippazio?

The second part of the season of Emma Tatarani – the deputy prosecutor will return in the spring. There will be eight episodes that will make up the second season. Four episodes have aired so far, in which the Deputy Attorney General grapples with hard-to-resolve cases, the return of a young Epazio Calogori whose charisma seems unchanged, but it is necessary not to get caught up in it. The next four episodes will see Emma come to terms with someone who wants to sabotage her investigation and tries to wreak havoc in her life. To see how this second season will turn out, we will have to wait for the first months of the new year (March or April for possible dates), when the last four episodes will likely air (ranked by FD Zaza).

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Emma Tatarani 2, Part Two: Will Romaniello Be Indicted?

Tonight, Tuesday, November 9thA better world than this“expires in autumn cycleEmma Tatarani 2- Deputy Attorney General. But the second season of Ray 1’s hit novel is far from over. In fact, four premieres have already been planned that will air in 2022, possibly in the spring. What will be the new episodes ofBut Tarani 2“? Right now, there are not many previews, but definitely the question between Emma and the unscrupulous installer Saverio Romaniello Not over yet. In this first part of the season Romaniello conspired against Emma, ​​accusing him of putting him behind bars. Will Romaniello be convicted or will he be able to get away with it?

Emma Tatarani 2: Alessio Lapis Previews

Previews of upcoming episodes ofBut Tarani 2“Reveal that there are still many ups and downs, especially regarding the prosecutor’s emotional life Vanessa Scalera. Alessio Lapis, which explains the file Marshal Ebasio Calogori, I predicted how the relationship between Kaliguri and Emma would develop: “In the new episodes of season 2, you’ll fall in love with me. Our relationship in the new season will be even more intense. said mia tv. He added: “I’m sorry for Pietro but with young Epazio competing his character will have no hopeIn the new episodes, then, will Emma decide to permanently end her relationship with her husband and live the story with Ebizio? We’ll have to wait a few more months to find out.

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