February 6, 2023

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Science intervenes to improve the performance of athletes from Amatori Serafini – Corriere Peligno

Sulmona, December 2– In the methods of sport and performance which are closely related to the various disciplines of athletics, it has been realized that the technical skills of coaches and the various knowledge in formulating programs are no longer sufficient and, now, in our opinion, necessary to work hand in hand with science, this part that serves to increase the competitive skills of each athlete Young, and therefore it will be the scientific side that should come to the rescue and clearly highlight the specific qualities of training, clearly excluding all the flaws related to discontent. Technical and that they specifically inevitably arise during seasonal programming.

Technical sector From ASD Amatori Atletica Serafini, Also anticipating the performance protocols that in the past had prompted many of the company’s youth to wear the blue jersey, they established a deep collaboration with Dr. Lucia de Stefanes, a Nutritional Biologist, to discover improvement with her and her team methods an athlete can achieve through planned training based on science and nutrition. . In the pictures you can see the promising young runner Serena Di Renzo She underwent, in recent days, a test that was only organized for her and carefully followed Stefano Mozzello.

“As a sports nutrition biologist – Lucia de Stefanis said: I am delighted to be part of the team that follows Serena Di Renzo on her growth path as an athlete. I have worked and worked with athletes from Livorno. Thanks to the INBODY570 bioimpedance scale and PNOE METABOLIMETER, I was able to find out Serena’s body composition and also how she burns energy during training. This is only the first stage of preparation, and it will be interesting to see how this track will accompany this athlete in the upcoming indoor competitions. “

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