World Cup: Japan-Spain 2-1 Live Streaming Costa Rica Germany 2-4 Qatar 2022 Live Streaming

World Cup: Japan-Spain 2-1 Live Streaming Costa Rica Germany 2-4 Qatar 2022 Live Streaming

On the field Japan – Spain 2-1 He lives and Costa Rica and Germany 2-4 He lives


Japan – Spain 2-1. Alvaro Morata goal. a reasoned action from Spain that finally made it to the spin-off with Cesar Azpilicueta; The Spanish striker jumps and shoots the ball into the net, a stone’s throw from Shuichi Gonda. For Japan, Ritsu Dan scored. Then Tanaka turns the game around.

Costa Rica and Germany 2-4 A soft cross from the left by Raum, Gnabry All free horns to the left of Navas. Costa Rica equalized with a goal from Tejeda. Then the Central American team scored again with Vargas. Germany equalized with a goal through Kai Lucas Havertz


In the double challenge Costa Rica-Germany and Japan-Spain, the round of 16 can be reached. The first in the group will face Croatia, while the second will face surprise Morocco.

The most difficult task falls to Germany, which was forced to win, better if by a big score, against Costa Rica. For Central America, if Japan loses to Spain, a tie could also be good. Japan should, in the event of a tie with “Red Fury”, trust Germany to defeat, draw or even win as long as it is not by more than one goal difference. In the latter case, based on the World Cup regulations, the number of yellow cards will be counted and which, based on fair play, will be allocated to the team with the lowest number in the next round.

From a theoretical point of view, Spain could qualify even by losing the match if Germany and Costa Rica tied them: they would finish second behind Japan.

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In short, all four teams have an interest in winning their match to make sure they pass the round and reach the second round.

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