Mourinho is in fourth place with Pellegrini

Mourinho is in fourth place with Pellegrini


96′ – Match over, Roma win

Triple whistle from Di Bello: Roma win 1-0 thanks to Lorenzo Pellegrini’s penalty kick


94′ – Zaniolo’s goal disallowed

Zaniolo scored, but was offside. A long pass for the Giallorossi’s talent moving forward in relation to Sampdoria’s streak. Zaniolo scores but then the assistant referee raises the flag.


90′ – Five minutes of recovery

de Bello admits five Minutes recover. It’s an attack from Sampdoria, with Rome shutting down and looking to restart.


82′ – Belotti tries

Another chance for Rome. cross from the right, Belotti He pounces on the ball in the penalty area, but it comes obstructed The time of the shooting by one of the defenders of Samp.


76′ – A double chance for Zaniolo

What a chance Zaniolo. The number 22 steals the ball and enters the penalty area and tries to do so objection With the right: The ball, however, slowly exits from the bottom.


71′ – Roma’s chance with Zaniolo

Zaniolo Once inside, he immediately had the opportunity to double down: the Giallorossi’s talent in the area allowed for a right kick to start which shatters Audero’s gloves. Another failed chance from Rome.


67′ – Substitutions for Roma

Mourinho chooses two changes: outside Camara and Abraham, inside Zaniolo and Matic.


62 & # 39; Sampdoria asks for a penalty, Stankovic warned

Verre release to fans, El Shaarawy is a few steps away from the penalty area and hits the ball with his arm. Di Bello lets it continue because the bug is not in the area as Sampdoria asks. Numerous protests from the Sampdoria seat, Stankovic has been warned.


59′ – double change for Sampdoria

Stankovic decided to make two more substitutions: outside Gabiadini and Rincon, inside Quagliarella and Verre.

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55′ – Roma’s chance with Belotti

Great opportunity for Roma with a rooster Belotti. A great cross from Abraham in the penalty area rewards the annexation of Belotti. The center striker, however, came face to face with Odero Only the goalkeeper finds the door Who rejects Sampdoria and keeps it afloat.


54′ – Roma keep the ball

Possession of the ball for the Gelorusi who is trying to hurry Find a space Between opposing lines to try to double. there porridge Instead it waits for a possible reboot but there are many Errors Under construction for the game.


45′ – Match resumes

The second half of the match starts between Sampdoria and Roma. He starts off the Giallorossi’s advantage with a penalty kick by Pellegrini. Two changes in Sampdoria: Busito and Moro Instead of Augello and Lyris.


49′ – The first half ends

The first half ended after 4 minutes of recovery awarded by De Bello. Roma leads 1-0 Thanks to the Pellegrini Network. Match with Many interruptions Because of the mistakes made by both teams. Small game, many long balls in search of attackers.


39 & # 39; – Rincon warned, Pellegrini hits!

The first yellow in the game is also for Sampdoria. Ball fight in the air between Pellegrini and RinconThe midfielder opened his head a lot an arm And hits the face of the captain of the Giallorossi. The tag is very beautiful.


37′ – Sampdoria’s first attempt: Gabbiadini shoots high

1st stadium towards the door mirror. The attempt comes from a free kick from 25 meters from Sampdoria after Mancini’s foul on Caputo. support on jabyadini But his first shot ended high above the Giallorossi’s goal.

7:00 pm

30′ – Sampdoria leads, Ibanez booked

Sampdoria is trying it up the pace And advance with the real ball half of the field of Rome. What is missing is not possession of the ball but shots. The Sampdoria strikers have yet to shoot into Rui Patricio’s mirror. In one of the reboots Ibanez With a broken intervention, Gabbiadini made a mistake: The Brazilian is the first yellow card in the match.

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21′ – Villar foul on Pellegrini: The captain is still on the ground

A clash between Gonzalo Villar and Lorenzo pilgrims: De Bello whistled from a free kick but Pellegrini stayed on the ground with a sore knee for a few minutes. The Giallorossi captain was rescued by the medical staff, even on the sidelines for a few more minutes. Fortunately, Mourinho Pellegrini was able to return to the field.


17 & # 39; – Rome high, Samp try restart

High center of gravity by Rome Who tries not only to keep score but also to multiply. there Sampdoria On the other hand try resume Quickly to try to surprise defense Gelorossi, a lot high.


9′ – Roma ahead: penalty kick by Pellegrini

Penalty kick awarded to Roma Ferrari’s hand touch in the box on Ibrahim’s cross. pilgrims From his place he did nothing wrong and realized the advantage of the Giallorossi.


0′ – the match begins

Kick-off, Roma immediately proposed to search for network advantages.


Roma, Thiago Pinto responds to Tari

thiago Pinto Speaking to Dazen’s mics a few minutes before kick-off, he commented on Tarry’s words: “You don’t deserve any response.” (read all)


Cristante: “Roma, we play a lot”

Brian Kristanti Talk to Dazen’s mics a few minutes before kick-off: “In mid-October we play a lot. We knew we were going to play a lot in this World Cup. We have to watch one game after another.”


Rome, Zaniolo out of the owners

After Betis Sevilla was disqualified, due to a red card that was processed in the Olympique match, Nikolo Zaniolo Spends Also off the bench against Sampdoria. Indeed, Mourinho decided to rely on the pair Abraham and Belotti, leaving the number 22 available on the bench. For Zaniolo, he is still zero goals this season.

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Sampdoria Roma, official line-ups

Sampdoria(4-4-2): Odero. Berezinsky, Ferrari, Cole, Augello; Leris, Rincon, Villar, and Djuricic; Gabbiadini, Kabuto.
Available: Ravaglia, Moro, Contini, Amione, Vieira, Tremboli, Saberi, Yepes, Ferre, Pussetto, Quagliarella.
Coach: Stankovic

Rome(3-4-2-1): Roy Patricio ; Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Zalowsky, Kristanti, Camara, El Shaarawy; pilgrims. Abraham, Belotti.
AvailableSvilar, Boyer, Trippi, Spinazzola, Karsdorp, Fina, Matic, Bove, Shumorodov, Zaniolo.
Coach: Mourinho


Pellegrini, day 200 in Serie A

Today the captain reaches the 200th position in the league. Lorenzo pilgrims Touch sharing 200 in the Italian league With 153 matches in the Giallorossi and 47 with Sassuolo.


Roma, chase the third straight win away

if you succeed, Roma will win their third consecutive victory In the league after Empoli and Milan with Inter. Rome does not win at least Three consecutive away matches in the Italian Serie A From the 2019-20 edition, when Fonseca’s then-team ruled Brescia, Spal, Turin and Juventus respectively (four wins).


Rome, chasing the sixty-first victory

passed 145 challenges against Sampdoria In official competitions (128 in the maximum degree). Giallorossi number 60 wins39 draws and 46 defeats. At Sampdoria’s home, the number of former players dropped to 72 with 12 successes for Roma, 25 draws and 35 successes for Sampdoria.

Genoa – Ferrari Stadium

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