ATP 500 Barcelona: Carlos Alcaraz beats Stefanos Tsitsipas again and from next week will be in the top ten

ATP 500 Barcelona: Carlos Alcaraz beats Stefanos Tsitsipas again and from next week will be in the top ten

Carlos Alcaraz in the photo

What a battle! Carlos Alcaraz He put in another great show, but this time he outperformed Stefanos Tsitsipas To reach the semi-finals inATP 500 from Barcelona. Scoring several winners, the 18-year-old Iberi beat Tsitsipas for the third time in the most number of matches, but everything could have been much simpler.

Just like last year’s US Open and in Miami earlier this season, Alcaraz beat Tsitsipas, this time on clay, by 6-4, 5-7, 6-2 in a two-hour match. And 11 minutes of playing.
And the Spanish genius patiently waited in the first set until he took advantage of the first break points at 4-4 in the first set. Alcaraz sniffed the break and broke the Greek before easily closing the set in which he conceded only four points on serve.

Already in the second half of the second set, Carlitos showed no signs of slowing down and continued at an insane pace that left Tsitsipas unresolved at the bare minimum and unsure of what to do in the face of the myriad moisture coming in from the other side. . The Spaniard quickly turned to a 4-1 second-half lead before the Greek finally woke up. So much so that he won six of the seven available matches and took the match to the third set.

When the decisive moment came, Alcaraz went straight ahead and took the score 4-0, then a controversial surprise move by Tsitsipas who went to the locker room to change clothes – it took so long because he was in the middle of the set and automatically lost two points (one for every 25 seconds).
What is certain then is that Carlos sealed the match which secured him an unprecedented entry into the top ten, as well as the result of defeating Cameron Norrie.
Alcaraz will now be looking for his third final of the season, and for that, he will have to beat Alex de Minaur, who beat Nuri who looked very tired 6-3, 5-7, 6-1.

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ATP Barcelona

Stefanos Tsitsipas [1]




Carlos Alcaraz [5]




Winner: Alcaraz

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