Mazon, Guardiola’s gesture in the conference surprises: “Like a father”

Mazon, Guardiola’s gesture in the conference surprises: “Like a father”

An inseparable bond, honest and faithful like a father to a son because Carlito Amazon to guard house That was just it. That’s why on His disappearance on Saturday, August 19thHe left a void that could not be filled in the hearts of football fans who, closely, were able to observe its greatness and human depth, such as the Spanish coach who, after receiving the news, presented himself in front of the cameras in the post. victory over Newcastle with a special shirt.

A shirt that remembers Mattson and his iconic race under the guest sector at Stadio Rigamonte in a sweltering derby Brescia Atalanta (It ended 3 to 3). Pep was there, on show as a new signing for the Swallows, to watch what would later become his coach, as well as his football father. A mixture of feelings between memories and a sad face of the disappearance of “Sor Carlito” guard house which, after a success cityHe remembers his former coach, who He gave him a beautiful message after the Champions League victory over Inter.

Matzone, Guardiola memory

“It’s a sad day for me and my family. When I arrived in Italy, he was like a father to me. He was a legend in Italian football, having a huge impact on everyone from players to presidents. Big hugs to all of his family: Last year some friends sent me this shirt and I wanted to wear it today (Saturday Aug 19 Ed). guard house This is how he wanted to remember Carlo Mazon, Passed away at the age of 86, a great coach who has always recognized his powerful and powerful football influence.

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“like a father” Just like the title of the documentary dedicated to him in 2022: The Romanian coach was a true father of football to many players: from totti, On his debut for Roma, A.J pirlo, With a change of role invented by the director even Roberto Baguio In his years at Brescia: all They kept him in words of admiration after the tragic news Which left the entire football world affected. Many letters of condolence arrived remembering the great sportsman and coach who still holds the Serie A record with 797 appearances (including the play-offs) and many more. They will be in Ascoli on Monday to bid him a final farewell during his funeral.

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