Europa League: Virtus Bologna beats Alba Berlin 87-76: Live broadcast again

Europa League: Virtus Bologna beats Alba Berlin 87-76: Live broadcast again

Bologna – At PalaDozza in Bologna Virtus wins over Alba Berlin. In the first part Virtussians dominated and managed to get eighteen points. In the second part, despite the physiological deterioration of the Bologna players, the Berlin team was never able to return to the match. Relive the live broadcast

10.50 pm

Europa League: Red Star arrives at PalaDozza on Friday

The next round of the EuroLeague will provide another exciting challenge at PalaDozza on Friday evening – at 8:30pm: Virtus Polonia will challenge Red Star Belgrade.

10.40 pm

Euroleague standings

Spanish dominance in the first three Euroleague matches: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia are the only ones Difference A Full score. Virtus BolognaThanks to the success he achieved today against Alba Berlin, he rises to… Seventh place With two victories and one defeat

10.23 pm

Coach Banci is not satisfied: “I did not like the second half”

Virtus Bologna coach comments on his team’s victory against Alba Berlin. “The second half was not as good as the first -He confessed- Children must understand that they must always maintain their focus. In the second half, I didn’t like the attack and defense. We have made our opponents gain too much confidence, which is something that should not be done. We can’t wait for them to make mistakes. In the second half we were not good enough We have to work to continue improving.

10.20 pm

Shenglia: We have achieved great success

“We had a great win at home -Shengelia says- We stayed together as Alba Berlin tried to get back into the game. “It’s a great success.”

10.14 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 76-87

Another hat-trick for Cordinier! Virtus secures the win less than a minute before the end with another basket from Shengelia: twenty-six points for the Georgian

10.13 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 74-82

Hackett scores an extraordinary hat-trick! Virtus is chasing the Germans again

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10.11 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 72-80

A hat-trick from Brown puts the Germans back in the eight: Bologna coach Luca Banchi calls a time-out

10.10 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 68-80

Mickey takes a free throw

10.08 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 68-79

Virtus continue to control the game, but a hat-trick from Spagnolo brings the Berlin side to within 11 goals

10.06 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 63-75

Spagnolo makes two free throws and scores in double figures: the Germans close the margin

10.01 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 61-75

The first basket for Gabriele Procida, who immediately scored another goal, but the Berliners were still far from Virtus

10 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 73-55

Mickey scores two more points, then – after missing the extra free throw – gets the ball back and scores another basket

9.57 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 55-69

Spagnuolo scores for Berlin: the Italian’s second basket

9.56 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 69-53

Mickey goes on the break and scores

9.52 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 51-67

At the end of the third quarter, Virtus leads by sixteen points

9.50 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 49-64

Shengelia is infallible from the line: scores two free throws, and Virtus goes back to +15

9.47 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 49-62

Dunstone scores two valuable points for Virtus. Then he wins and scores the extra free throw

9.45 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 47-59

Shengelia continues to make the show under the basket

9.44 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 47-57

Thimann scores a hat-trick, but Dunstone brings Virtus back to plus-ten

9.43 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 44-55

Shengelia is unstoppable under the basket!

9.41 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 44-53

Brown scores two points under the basket: Berlin gets nine points, and Luca Banci calls a timeout

9.38 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 42-53

Triple by Olendi, but Shengelia executes Virtosini’s margin

9.35 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 36-51

Shengelia scored two free throws, but Virtus’ margin decreased: the German team regains its balance

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9.34 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 31-47

Three free throws for Belinelli, who never misses a shot!

9.32 pm

Let’s start again!

Virtus once again starts eighteen points ahead of the Berlin team

9.17 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 44-26

In the first half, Virtus Bologna led 44-26. Virtus played flawlessly, with extraordinary defence

9.14 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 44-26

Shengelia raises Virtus to +18

9.12 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 24-42

Belinelli alone, two more points for Virtus Bologna

9.11 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 24-40

Another Shengelia hat-trick keeps the Berlin team at some distance

9.09 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 23-37

Hackett trio! Bologna takes off

9.07 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 21-34

Alba Berlin misses two free throws

9.04 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 21-34

Mickey hits the target! Virtus continues to dominate the defensive phase

9.01 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 21-32

Delow goes for the dunk! Signs of awakening for the German team, which also scores the additional free throw

8.59 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 18-32

Brown scores a basket trying to revive the Berlin team, completely at Virtussini’s mercy

8.55 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 32-16

A hat-trick from Dobrich responds to a three-pointer from Thimann: Virtus is the star in this first part of the match

8.53 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 29-13

Spagnolo is shorthanded for the Berliners, but Virtus re-establishes the margin with Mickie

8.50 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 27-11

Pagula’s triple makes PalaDozza explode! At the end of the first quarter, Virtus led 27-11

8.49 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 24-11

Shengelia makes one of two free throws

8.46 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 23-11

Two more points for Virtus with Shengelia, then a hat-trick from Smith! Alba stays on her feet thanks to a three-pointer from Matysyk

8.41 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 15-8

Brown shortens the gap and tries to bring the Germans back: the first time outside the match

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8.38 pm

Virtus Bologna-Alba Berlin: 15-6

Alba Berlin is trying to stay on Virtus’ heels, but at the moment the Bianconeri control the scoreboard: a hat-trick from Cordinier!

8.37 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 10-4

Cordinaire only hits one of the two available free throws

8.36 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 9-4

Alba Berlin comes back behind him with two free throws

8.35 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 9-2

Virtus started in the best way: the home team stretched: Belinelli hit the first three-pointer!

8.32 pm

Virtus Bologna – Alba Berlin: 6-2

The Bologna team is straight ahead, with Belinelli as the protagonist

8.30 pm

Tap Off: Let’s go!

The third Euroleague match between Virtus Bologna and Alba Berlin began

8.28 pm

Virtus Bologna Quintet

Coach Luca Banchi has chosen to start with Cordinier, Belinelli, Maquette, Shengelia and Dunstone: soon, it will be a free-for-all

8.20 pm

Banshee praises Alba Berlin: “The Germans have a strong identity”

“The last two wins have given us awareness of our capabilities – Virtus coach confirms – Procida and Spagnolo will try to make the most of this opportunity at PalaDozza. Alba Berlin has a distinct identityDespite the changes They get better every year. “It is a versatile team, and we will have to play at an extraordinary pace.”

8.15 pm

Procida and Spagnolo in Bologna as opponents

Alba Berlin will include Gabriele Procida and Matteo Spagnolo in the starting lineup. The two Italian basketball players will look for their first success of the season in the EuroLeague at PalaDozza

7.45 pm

Warning from the Bologna coach

“Will be Error in thinking That which is against Alba Berlin is one Less complex game From Munich and Kaunas Kant – Virtus Bologna coach Luca Banci confirms – “It’s simply a different game that hides other important issues.”

Paladoza, Bologna, Italy

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