Works by Vincenzo Mascoli for the Arts and Sciences Pictures

Works by Vincenzo Mascoli for the Arts and Sciences Pictures

From left, Vincenzo Mascoli; Mayor de Benedettes; Leonardo Diavría, Mayor of the Czech Republic © Itel

The initiative was presented this morning in the foyer of the Municipal Theater in Rovo di Puglia “Science in life in art”, the project promoted by Itel health care group, the result of the exclusive collaboration that Apulian has signed with well-known contemporary artist Vincenzo Mascoli.

attended vernissage Bari Polytechnic, Mayor of Ruvo Pasquale Chico with council members Monica FilogranoAnd Luciana de BisgliAnd Nico CorsiAnd mariantonita corsi; Mayor of Kurato Corrado de Benedetes Accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Senator Angela Peroli Together with the press, the names of the scientific, academic, cultural, economic and institutional community are named. To honor the sponsor house, founder and president of the Etel Group, Leonardo Diafri.

In the series of unpublished works, created by the artist for the company, the union between art and science is reinterpreted, restoring the profound meaning of forty years of the Itel – Itelpharma – Linearbeam group in the service of health and life sciences. The official revealing event to present the project to the public represented an opportunity to engage with the community and the region, and opened the entry into a pivotal year marking the fortieth anniversary of the group’s activities, towards the pursuit of important and ambitious goals. The objectives carried out by the company in the scientific, technological, medical and radiopharmaceutical fields. Particularly excited about the adhesion and, above all, the perceived participation of enterprise representatives, to underline the strategic value of the public-private synergies that represent the driving force and driving force for growth, development and competitiveness of regional economies. The purpose of the integration of business, local authorities and universities implemented through large-scale projects and huge investment in human capital, in training and transfer of skills available to society and research, represents the best practice of the group. The consensus is recognized as an exemplary and broad-based paradigm on which to lay the foundations for important future public-private synergies.

Leonardo Diafri Announces that by June 22 next year Proton Accelerator (ERHA Project)The innovative machines that will make proton therapy for cancer treatment more efficient, will be ready to be transported from Ruvo di Puglia to the Irccs Center in the north, which contains the indispensable tools for verifying protocols and for obtaining certificates/marks that are not usable in the hospital clinic. Moreover, again from 2022, Itel will move toward “teragnostics,” a group of procedures in nuclear medicine in which diagnosis and treatment are combined. Remember, by the way, the recent acquisition of a license to exploit a patent for the new radiotracer 18F-JK-PSMA-7, a fluorine-labeled binding 18 that specifically binds to PSMA prostate antigen. The patent, owned by the Max Planck Institute for Innovation in Munich and the University of Cologne, relates to the recent discovery of a molecule used in diagnostic imaging for the specific investigation of prostate-related oncological diseases, whose license has been granted worldwide to multinational companies. C-Spect and Itelpharma for the European region of Italy, Spain and Portugal. Diaferia is keen to emphasize that the company’s development stems from a consistent and solid regional strategic partnership with the University of Bari and the Polytechnic of Bari and synergy with national realities (Cooperation for research and development with Don Calabria in Negrar) Irccs and international (ETL is located in the Middle East). mayor De Benedetes The close connection between Itel and the region is underlined by the opportunity that is provided to the younger generations, and also through the alternation between school and work, to acquire skills that it is hoped to use in the south where there is no strong industrial sector. This deficiency contributes to brain drain. mayor Czech It underscores how important it is to include quality companies like Itel in a chain of connected and specialized productivity companies that foster talent in their own territory. In this sense, there is a dialogue between the municipality and the region for the industrial zone plan and the establishment of production chains that are considered rewards by the National Nutrition Program. Honorable people call for the need to make Puglia competitive in technology and science piaroli.

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after the interventions, Vincenzo Mascoli Shows the path of the exhibition starting with bright graphics and ending with lThe author’s first work (140 x 170): In light of the artist’s creative process who gave every mark, every line, and every brushstroke meaning. Brush strokes transcend the lines of nudes, male and female, according to a harmonious design in apparent dissonance. “This is a job that is completely representative of me,” Masculi stated. «The paintings – which they write from Itel -, were shown, in mixed media on 50×70 paper, during temporary presentation along with the author’s first work, a massive 140×170 canvas. Limited edition production arises from proposals for research projects and development carried out by the group, directed over the years to pursue the frontiers of medical and technological progress and innovation. The creative concept arises in the synergies between figurative languages ​​and technical experiences, from which the dynamics of “matter” in “materials” draw inspiration: the subjects are the bodies and living beings crossed by particles of light and nourished by the beams of color. The idea of ​​human transformation, both organic and anthropological, is put forward in constant development, tension, change. The project is an experiment in choral storytelling with a high symbolic value but also and above all a social value, where – literally, with vivid flashes on canvas – red thread It aims to connect and connect the mission and reality of Itel’s business, Made in Italy, distinguished in the world, to the territory, to society, to the public. An intense and modern story, in which at its center is the ancestral relationship between science and art, the driving force of the cultural development of societies for centuries, and which the company celebrates, through this initiative, as an essential element in the development of peoples, an intense event of the spirit of innovation, over four decades, that stirred Itel group is in pursuit of future prospects, progress and welfare of people. From the scientific avant-garde to the figurative: a cultural path is taking shape in which the human body becomes an object of study in the service of the artist, who, acting with a hand of surgical refinement, owns to some extent science and science. Technological industrial methodologies, to create original frontier works, seek the ancestral link between painting and anatomy, and visualize the sensory nuances of life. In these works, we witness the plastic setting of the tense grammar of the human body as every search, every question, every reflection, every energy, and every possible answer converge into the translation of figurative tracts. The primacy of the sign and the body merge, leaving the mixture of colors dictated by the subconscious to move the flow of the vital energy of the graphics, according to a term accompanied by the necessity to define compositional extremes, returning to the origins, in front of classical anatomical models. In short, in the confrontation with the science of life, art itself becomes a vital force. In a similar artistic experience, the imaginative meaning expressed by the works blends with the life of the observer, in an eternal passage, intimately linked here and now with a distant metaphysics. The plot woven on the drawings radiates through the signs, whose bodies and themes turn into icons of the global migration of the Mitarel, as each pity-filled gesture takes on value. remember lifeTo remind us of the ultimate goal and destination of every human stress and impulse: prolonging a state of bliss in health, preserving the energy of the body, cultivating the spirit and nurturing the mind. A perfect journey, where particles of spirit pass through matter, where particles of color break and mingle to impart essence to ideal visions, transmitted from the mathematics of inspiration, the Itel group pursues the noble intention of uniting the country together. With it, towards a goal that constitutes the point of departure and the starting point for a far-sighted and ambitious industrial challenge in the field of health and science.”

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