Electricity and gas bills: here’s how to save and the available offers

Electricity and gas bills: here’s how to save and the available offers

Electricity and gas, higher and higher prices due to higher raw material component. Big price increases for families considering strategies on how to defend themselves. On the other hand, data for the first quarter of 2022 shows, according to monitoring Arrera (Public Utilities Regulatory Authority)+55% increase in electricity bill and 41.8% for gas: Despite government interventions, such as social allowances, the amounts continue to rise, so the concern.


One of the results, confirmed by Arrera, is that more and more customers – families as well as businesses – are switching to the free market: in the electricity sector, 59.7% of households (+2.4% in six months) and 70.4% of businesses (+2.4%) 62.0 % of domestic customers in the gas sector (+1.8%).

According to the monitoring conducted, 83.1% of contracts signed by customers aged 18-29 years in the free market: the choice of this option remains the majority until the age group 70-79 years, even if with increasing age groups, the percentage of Customers who served in increased protection.

The percentage of customers who opt for a Duty Free contract with the same seller upon exit from greater protection, remains above 50%. “When the gas and electricity price hikes are over – stated Arrera President, Stefano Besegini – the numbers will tell us whether and how our consumer behaviors and market choices will change.”

Available Offers

Arera offers portal (data updated as of December 31, 2021) contains approximately 3,881 offers. And so it is divided. For the electricity sector: 1,062 offers for local customers (fixed prices increased from 61% to 41%); 974 for non-local customers (from 56% to 36% for fixed-rate customers).

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