Google, not just a search engine: do this and it will earn you a good monthly profit (and we’re talking real money)

Google, not just a search engine: do this and it will earn you a good monthly profit (and we’re talking real money)

Thanks to Google, it is also possible to make money. The economic potential that not everyone knows can become a job.

Google in recent years It has been recognizable improvement It can no longer be defined as just a search engine. Many services are associated with it, such as Youtube, Google Play, Business, Meet, and many more. It is clear that when we talk about Google we can no longer think about it The way it looked more than 10 years ago. Over the years, no other search engine has been able to surpass it or even match it.

Make money with Google? Here’s how –

Not only, It has become Google Extremely performant As a search engine, it is therefore very accurate in being able to understand the keywords entered by the user. Thanks to algorithms and SEO, it is much easier today compared to what it was many years ago Find what you are looking for. This possibility is now true All search engines offer itBut Google always remains the most chosen in the world.

How to Make Money on Google It’s also a great monthly nest egg

If you are reading this article it is because you want to know How to get With Google. In recent years, the most popular search engine on the web has also come to offer this possibility and not everyone knows how many services it can actually offer you Earn a nice nest egg. It’s not just the work of YouTubers that is awardedOpportunities to make big profitsBut there are also other ways to make money (and they are simpler too!).

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How many Google services allow you to profit –

One of these programs is Google Adsense, which is the program that YouTube users also use it To generate advertisements and monetize their channels. you can use Also for your website or blogThis is done simply by subscribing to the program, registering, and copying the code on the website or on your channel. You earn 68% of the click amount or 51% when it comes to Adsense for search.

Maybe not everyone knows that either You can make money using Google Maps. Simply report your company and make it easy for potential buyers to find it. Simply connect to the Google Maps home page, click on the button (=), and select the item “Add a missing place”. Then you need to log in to Google, fill out the displayed form and enter your name, category and address.

last A tool to make money It’s Google Opinion Rewards, which lets you answer surveys and bring your earnings a little closer. In fact, it is possible to get small profits for using it in the Google Play Store. The service, available on Android, requires registration before using it. You can also make money through Google Play, thanks to selling apps, music and e-books.

Possibility for those who are beginner artists He wants to publish his works Without investing a lot of money. In fact, the service costs only $25 per year and the profit is 70% of the list price of the apps, 70% in the first year for books in the first year and 85% in subsequent years.

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