Juventus Salernitana, in the stadium there were only 5 offside cameras

Juventus Salernitana, in the stadium there were only 5 offside cameras

The Bianconeri are puzzled by the decision to rely on VAR without obtaining the necessary images

more than 24 hours after the final whistle, Juventus Salernitana Keep arguing for a goal MelekValid, canceled due to intrusion Bonucci, Not Found. explainedThe HagueWho blamed the lack of photos related to the post CandrevaHe pointed out that there were not enough cameras in the stadium to cover all situations of the match. Available for spotting any offside spots, there were only five of the 12 total plus those of the Goal Line and Tactical Serie A League. This is the lowest level among those available for Routing and Var. That was why Candreva’s position suddenly disappeared, causing a small earthquake.

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As a damaged part, the Juventus She did not file a formal complaint nor intend to do so, but revealed some bewilderment. Above all because it was decided to rely on Var knowing that all necessary images were not available. Moreover, he started the action from a corner kick and it is impossible to escape the decisive presence of Salernitana, who opposed Cuadrado’s cross. Therefore, the direction of the race had to preemptively ignore the indications of who was on the screen, who could not judge the incomplete images. On the contrary, we had to rely on the referee who was on the field, the referee, the referee observer, who awarded Milik’s goal in the absence of certain and various indications.

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The truth is that, according to what was compiled by “La Repubblica”, Juventus is the team that, since the introduction of Var, has undergone the most countercorrections (44) and has the worst balance (-21). But at least one fatal mistake cost two points.

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