Serie A – Frosinone – Empoli 2-1 Report cards: Ibrahimovic appreciated, Mazzitelli everywhere. Bad Gyasi

Serie A – Frosinone – Empoli 2-1 Report cards: Ibrahimovic appreciated, Mazzitelli everywhere.  Bad Gyasi
Frosinone returns to victory in Serie A by beating Empoli 2-1 in front of a friendly Sterpi crowd and thus gaining promotion to Serie A.Eleventh place Temporary arrangement with 15 points. The great networks you create are crucial Marvin Cooney (Awesome flying heel) e Arijon Ibrahimovic (a wonderful choral work), while in EmpoliFrancesco Caputo EternalHe scored for the 50th time in the blue jersey. here they are Report cards with All votes The match was held at Benito Sterpi Stadium.

Frosinone report cards

Stefano Turati 6 – Inactive throughout the match, he was “lucky” with the delay with which Kovalenko came close to making it a potential 2-2.

Paul Lirola 6.5 – Cancelleri’s start heralds a complicated Monday, but it’s just a flash in the pan. Having taken the actions of his opponent, he constantly presents himself in the offensive phase and is in constant movement to the right.

Caleb Okolie 6 – He counters Caputo well for almost the entire match, but loses it on the most important occasion. However, it is a positive result for him as well.

Ilario Monterrey 6.5 – A sliding block on Gyasi’s shot deserves a goal. He dominated the second half, struggling little in a very exciting final. A reference point in the Frosinone defense line.

Ricardo Marchesa 7 – Ibrahimovic’s flying heel assist in the 2-0 match was the jewel that sealed another excellent performance in this tournament. Strong behind, attacking factor: fourth assist in the league.

Enzo Barrenechea 6 – Very nervous for a quarter of an hour. Less precise and disruptive than usual, especially when asked to come up with the beginning of an offensive plot.

Cancellieri and Berenecchia in the duel between Frosinone and Empoli – Italian League 2023/2024

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Mathias Solé 6.5 – The ball and chain literally does what he wants: it is no coincidence that 90% of Frosinone’s movements pass through his right wing. It does not find the target – which is news – but it is always working. He falls in the second half. (from 88′ Anthony Oyono SV).

Rainier 6.5 – Of the three behind the lone striker, he is perhaps the least accurate on the ball, but when he decides to make some moves, he is unstoppable for Empoli. Another good test. (from 83′ Marco Brescianini SV).

Arijon Ibrahimovic 7.5 – The best player in the match, without any hesitation. Great style, whether in close quarters or in the open field, the jewel of the goal that secured the three points and the assist for his team’s 1-0 lead. He is the youngest player in Europe’s top five leagues to have provided an assist and scored a goal in the same match. (from 80′ Giuseppe case 6 – Only 10 minutes plus stoppage time, yet he showed his leg and technical quality to send Empoli’s right wing series into disarray.)

Marvin Cooney 7 – He begins by making mistakes in some simple supports or comfortable openings, and then he grows older. He redeemed himself once and for all with a cinematic goal, perhaps the best of this first part of the season, and showed that he can finally be lethal in the box (from 80′ Kaio Jorge SV).

Empoli report cards

Itrit Berisha 5 – He could have performed better against Kone, but the assessment comes above all from the chaos he risks causing in the first half with Ismagli. The VAR pardons him for a few centimetres, but it is a mistake he did not commit.

Bartosz Berezinski 5.5 He suffers like all his teammates. Never act proactively because it is ‘blocked’ by a Frosinone team that sometimes overflows even on its flank; Very inaccurate in many situations.

Sebastiano Luberto 6 – In the Italian defense line, he is distinguished by his quality in every aerial duel. He suffers like all his colleagues when Frosinone becomes aggressive, but as always he is the last to give up.

Ardian Asmagli 4.5 – Read Berisha’s grade to understand his ‘4.5’ on his report card, but also think about the way he allowed himself to get the better of TUNI on the occasion of the goal that opens the match. Truly a Monday to forget.

Simone Bastoni 5 -Very proactive at the start of the match, but then Solé overtakes him whenever and however he wants, systematically sending him into disarray. It declined noticeably in the second half and Andreazzoli changed it, perhaps too late (from the 77th minute). CACACE SV released).

Razvan Marin 5 – Imperceptible evidence, you practically never notice it. They are also incomplete in blocking and coverage, and are often off-site. (from 62′ Filippo Ranocchia 5.5 – Must provide more quality on an evening to forget for Marin and instead only get a yellow card).


Sole and Fazzini in the duel between Frosinone and Empoli – Italian League 2023/2024

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Jacopo Fazzini 5.5 – He fights just as hard as Gracie, but Empoli’s numerical superiority in midfield was practically not noticed in this match. He went down a lot in the second half.

Emmanuel Gyasi 5 – The “smoothness” of Cancelleri’s cross is a red pen foul, even if his position should be evaluated by VAR. For the rest, very few balls were touched and therefore initiatives: in the most obvious one, Monterrey sacrifices himself and deprives him of the goal. (from 62′ Nicolo Cambiaghi 6 – He has great credit for searching for Caputo who has the most suitable balls for the blue striker. This is enough, no more.)

Francesco Caputo 6.5 – Eternity, simply. He doesn’t get a good ball for almost 90 minutes, but at the first opportunity he breaks through Turati and after a minute he doesn’t do it again simply because he is in an irregular position by a few centimetres.

Matteo Cancellieri 5.5 – He starts with great strength and hits the Frosinone crossbar after 2 minutes, but at a distance he no longer has the opportunity to play in attack because he sacrifices a lot in defense. However, his technical errors were very frequent, especially in the second half (from the 70th minute). Tommaso Baldanzi 6 – Upon his return, he plays a piece and tries to make the difference in the final with his class. He’s not at his best, that’s clear, but he has a hand in all Empoli’s occasions.

All Aurelio Andreazzoli 5 – Empoli broke free from their goal abstinence, which would be a good sign, were it not for the fact that Frosinone outscored their team for 80 minutes. Some of the changes were a bit late.


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