In the Ukrainian War, the Russian Black Sea Fleet base is attacked, Kiev breaks through the Surovykin defense line of Moscow

In the Ukrainian War, the Russian Black Sea Fleet base is attacked, Kiev breaks through the Surovykin defense line of Moscow

Kyiv breaks through Surovikin’s defense line in Moscow

Ukraine has broken through part of Russia’s main defensive line on the country’s southern front for the first time, The Telegraph reported, citing video footage from the front lines. Kiev’s armored vehicles were photographed outside the first network of trenches, anti-tank ditches and Russian minefields: “Ukraine appears to have advanced towards a breakthrough of the so-called Surovikin Line,” the British newspaper wrote. Ukrainian forces had already broken through the defensive positions with small infantry attacks to eliminate Russian trenches in the direction of the village of Verbov in the Zaporizhya region.

Missiles on the headquarters of the Kyiv fleet

A missile attack was carried out on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the city of Sevastopol in Crimea. This was stated by Governor Mikhail Razvozaev on his Telegram channel. “The enemies launched a missile attack on the fleet headquarters. The governor said that shrapnel fell near the Lunacharsky Theater, explaining that all emergency services had arrived at the site and the possibility of casualties was being assessed.

Kremlin: Tensions between Kiev and European allies will increase

“Tensions between Warsaw and Kiev will increase.” These are the forecasts of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who said that Poland and Ukraine remain “the main centers of Russophobia.” Peskov added: “We are monitoring all this closely,” expressing his conviction that “friction between Kiev and other European capitals will also grow over time, which is inevitable.”

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Ukraine Explosions in Kherson

Explosions were heard for the second time this morning in Kherson, southern Ukraine, RBC-Ukraine reported, citing local Telegram channels.

Zelensky arrived in Canada for a surprise visit

After stopping at the United Nations and Washington, Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Canada on a previously unannounced visit. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who announced the news of Zelensky’s arrival a short time ago, went to receive the Ukrainian president at Ottawa airport. “I look forward to welcoming President Zelensky to Canada to continue building on our support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their struggle against the effects of Russia’s brutal war of invasion,” the Canadian Prime Minister said. In addition to the meeting with Trudeau, Zelensky is expected to speak before the Canadian Parliament. The Ukrainian president will then travel to Toronto. “Canada remains steadfast in its support of the Ukrainian people as they fight for their sovereignty and democracy, and for our shared values ​​of respect for the rule of law, freedom and self-determination,” Trudeau said.

Zelensky to Biden: New weapons are what we need

“Ukraine’s new arms package is very powerful. Thank you very much to the President, this is exactly what our soldiers need now,” Volodymyr Zelensky said at the conclusion of the talks with the US President at the White House. “Thank you for all these 575 days (since the Russian invasion of Ukraine),” the President of Kiev said, describing today’s meeting “Very productive.”

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Biden announces new aid to Kiev worth $325 million

As expected by the American media, the US State Department announced a new arms package for Ukraine worth $325 million. “Ukraine’s resilience, courage, and determination have inspired the world and galvanized American and global efforts to help it defend itself and secure its future,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s memo said. The package includes “new air defense systems, artillery munitions, anti-tank systems, as well as cluster munitions, which will further improve Ukraine’s ability to continue its counteroffensive.”

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