Without affiliations but with realism

Without affiliations but with realism

Javier Miley passed in Davos this week as a rhetorical eccentric, but also as a threat that somehow defines his idea of ​​Argentina's entry into the world and also suggests an ambivalent relationship with the European Union. During his intervention, the anarcho-capitalist did not refrain from lecturing to the participants in the Economic Forum. Miley's audacity knows no bounds at the moment, which is why she can support at her expense X a malicious file against Klaus Schwab, the German economist and businessman who chairs this meeting in the Swiss city. The far right has won praise from Elon Musk for warning the West that it is unwittingly moving towards socialism.

Miley seeks above all to increase contacts with the Trump movement, convinced that its leader will return to the White House. This is the ideological horizon of the president, who also takes Benjamin Netanyahu's Israel as a personal source of inspiration, to the point that he will visit that country to express his unconditional support for his actions in Gaza, before being received by Pope Francis, a staunch objector of what is happening in the Middle East.

But Davos also highlighted some of the difficulties Miley faces in building personal bridges with European leaders.

No approach

He at least tried to get a joint photo with Emmanuel Macron, but it seemed that his colleague was not interested in this photo, let alone the Argentine's criticism of the environment. Moreover, Macron praised Colombian Gustavo Petro, describing him as “a great friend of France,” he said.

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Local media did not ignore the fact that Miley and Pedro Sanchez avoided greeting each other at the Swiss Forum. Some parts of the Spanish Prime Minister's speech were read as a political response to his South American counterpart.

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