Biden opens the door to dismiss the lawsuit against Assange after Australia's request

president of the United States, Joe BidenOpening the door to filing a lawsuit against the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian AssangeThis was after Australia, his country of origin, requested this.

Specifically, he said that They “study” the requestwhich was also directed to the United Kingdom, where the programmer is currently in prison.

In mid-February, the Australian Parliament voted in favor He applied to the US and UK for her release From the founder of WikiLeaks. Assange has been imprisoned in London since April 2019, after nearly seven years in detention at the Ecuadorian embassy in the British capital as well.

With the change of government in the Latin American country, the new authorities allowed the police to enter the diplomatic headquarters and he was arrested. It has since been found Awaiting possible extradition to the United States, He is accused of espionage and faces the death penalty.

The British courts had postponed the decision

The court's last decision was at the end of March, when the British courts postponed the extradition decision until May. They gave the United States a few weeks of leeway because of this Ensure that the WikiLeaks founder is not sentenced to the death penalty The First Amendment, which enshrines freedom of the press, will be respected.

They had previously agreed to extradite him, a move that faltered due to legal appeals.

The Trump administration is filing a lawsuit against Assange under an old law dating back to 1917 that the administration considers Espionage and high treason Simple investigation of national security matters. In principle, a foreign national – Assange is Australian – cannot be accused of treason.

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In the United States, Assange could be sentenced to prison 175 years in prison for 17 crimes Espionage, conspiracy and computer fraud.

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