New car prices: comparison between 2004 and 2024

New car prices: comparison between 2004 and 2024

Italian problem – Let's start from the assumption: Buy the car New, for ordinary motorists, has never been an option to be taken lightly. This is truer today in our country than in any other.See chart below): comparing the very modest growth in wages for Italians (who until 2020 were earning less than in 1990) with the astonishing Rising prices from New carsObviously, buying a new car from the factory can turn out to be a real drain. A major problem that must be addressed (and solved) at the national system level, which relates not only to cars, but to all goods necessary for daily life.

Why did they increase so much? The discussion, of course, cannot be exhausted by these considerations, and it is more complex than it seems. But noHe increases of prices FixedIn fact, it has doubled in twenty years, with a rate of variation far exceeding the “physiological” rate associated with inflation (here to know more). To explain this increase, one key aspect to consider is that today's cars have been very successful A very important leapIn terms of technology, safety and equipment needed to contain emissions. All devices that make it more comfortable, safer and less polluting, but they have an impact On customers' pockets.

2004 and 2024 – But how much did they increase exactly? To find out you just have to do Some calculationswhat we did by comparing Price list January 2004 With those 2024. Here are ten models, representing almost every category, that existed at the time and that today cost… much more.

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