Winter Car Safety What You Should Never Do If You Have a Young Child

Winter Car Safety What You Should Never Do If You Have a Young Child

Safety in a car is never enough, especially in the winter. Here’s what you should never do if you have a young child.

The car is the most used means of transportation by Italians. It is mainly used to move from one place to another, especially when the weather conditions are not the best, as it is rainy and cold. It is used to get to the supermarket and load shopping into the car, which is often heavy when carried home by hand. To pick up the children from school, if the school is too far from home, and so on.

Mistakes not to do if you have a child in the car (

But, especially in winter, You should be very careful while in the car and while driving it, especially if you have a small child with you. Let’s see together Eligible This is the most common mistake that many people makeBut this should never be done because it is very dangerous.

Be careful if you have a child in the car: this mistake could be fatal!

Safety in a car is never enough, which is why it must be increasingly increased. It is certain that one of the main causes of accidents is the use of mobile phones. Whatever the reason for the latter falling into your hands while driving, it is a mistake. Sure we may have some phone calls to answer: in that case, it’s good to have a headset with you. This way, we never take our hands off the steering wheel, maintaining a strong and firm grip.

But this is certainly not the only reason. Perhaps a simple distraction could cost us dearly. In winter, you need to be more careful than in other seasons: rain, wind and snow can increase the risk of accidents. Especially in winter, if we have a child with us in the car, we should not make the mistake that we will explain below. It can be really very dangerous.

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Taking care of the child’s winter car
Why do we care about the child in the car in winter (

A mistake often made when you have a very young child with you is to put them in the appropriate seat with the seat belts fastened, but still wearing the vest. The reason is that it is very cold, and therefore, for fear that he might catch a disease, we leave him that way. This is a big mistake that should not be made.

The reason is very simple: The vest creates a kind of air gap between the child and the belts. Hence, if any accident occurs for any reason (whether serious or not), the child will tend to slide out of the seat and hit the front seat, or in the worst case, the windshield glass. Therefore, you must first take off the child’s jacket, then apply safety rules with the use of seat belts, and finally, if the weather is very cold, cover him with a blanket, or if you wish, with the same jacket but placed as a blanket.

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