With this monitor, you will never miss a game, it has a secret function that is almost illegal: Features

With this monitor, you will never miss a game, it has a secret function that is almost illegal: Features

Artificial intelligence reaches almost every hardware component: a new display hides an almost “illegal” secret function

MSI showed Its upcoming MEG 321URX QD-OLED screen In his experimental booth at the Las Vega show, W New secret feature SkySight Based on artificial intelligence. The latter gives users the opportunity to obtain a series of advantages, which could be considered unfair.

Illegal on-screen feature (cesenamio.it)

AI is certainly the buzzword at CES 2024, and it seems that no piece of hardware is immune to the impending integration of a full suite of AI features. In this case, The function hidden in the screen is of somewhat questionable use. Below, let's find out what it is.

The secret function of MSI's new monitor: that's what it's for

The MSI display presented at CES 2024 has a secret function that could be considered unfair. actually It seems to be able to detect incoming enemies in League of Legends And their location. The screen uses a built-in AI accelerator (via Tom's Hardware) that analyzes the mini-map to anticipate upcoming opponents before placing an icon on the screen to let you know exactly where they're coming from, along with another feature to keep track of which game you're keeping track of. It monitors your health bar and displays it on an actual RGB light bar on the screen itself.

MSI presents an AI monitor that helps players win on the official League of Legends website (cesenamio.it): MSI.com

MSI states this This game tracking won't be limited to League of Legends onlyIt will release an app that allows you to train these features to recognize and respond to enemies and other items that appear on the screen in any game. Interestingly, while your computer will handle the game processingOnce the display is configured, it is supposed to process the visual data it receives on its own, freeing up those on-screen resources. For the game itself.

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Aside from the major AI integrations, the display itself has some impressive specs of the traditional kind. The 32-inch display uses a 4K QD-OLED panel With a contrast ratio of 15000000:1, a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of 0.03ms, which is enough for Obtain VESA Clear MR 13000 certification. These numbers seem to indicate that this monitor is designed for competitive gaming, which, given the AI's game-tracking capabilities, could create an interesting dilemma for esports leagues and the bodies that oversee them.

The AI ​​is processed on the screen, not on the device running it, which is probably pretty much the case It cannot be detected by any current anti-cheat software. This makes it a feature that other players and referees may not be aware of unless they are in the room watching the score. In an online game, it looks like you can set this display for You have a serious advantage in any competitive game. It should be noted that many eSports leagues monitor players Via live webcam feed required. However, many may be able to tweak the settings to make the effect subtle enough to avoid being noticed.

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