Windows, How to Solve “The Computer Did Not Start Correctly” Error.

Windows, How to Solve “The Computer Did Not Start Correctly” Error.

What to do if the blue screen appears on Windows with the phrase “The computer does not turn on properly” and how to solve it: steps to do it.

When using a computer, you may encounter messages and errors shown on certain screens, and the less experienced may not know how and what to do, just as in the case of an error.“The computer did not start correctly” On Windows.

“The computer did not start properly” error solution guide for Windows –

This error generally appears after a power outage, or after installing Windows updates, with the operating system failing to load the desktop properly.

Here, sequentially, an attempt to start the automatic repair procedure can occur, and in conclusion, a message appears on the screen with the relevant error in question.

To resolve the error that appears on your Windows computer, We must first deal with Remove any USB devices Maybe connected, or even disk, and reboot the device. This will rule out possible hardware-related errors, such as in the case of the master boot record or boot configuration data.

Then pay attention Restore system configuration Associated with restore points, which cause the computer to return to the previous scenario, i.e. working.

Among the possibilities to consider, there are also Start repair, that is, an automatic action aimed at solving problems without user intervention. In detail, the procedure attempts to replace lost or damaged files, including BOOTMGR.

Another option is Repair via command prompt. This is a solution that allows you to run commands to resolve the issue using the Recovery Console. For example, missing system files can be corrected by setting the command “SFC/Scano”. Anyway, it’s a good idea to delve into the topic of repairing system files.

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Windows and the “Computer did not start properly” error: Steps and solutions to resolve it

Wrestle on Windows with screen showing error “The computer does not start correctlyIt is also possible to follow up Automatic Windows Repair By returning the operating system to its initial settings. An action that erases programs but keeps personal files, using a clean system image downloaded via the cloud.

What to do when this Windows error appears and how to fix it
Steps to solve this Windows error –

The user has too Restore via Windows system image. If a backup system is used, referring to the control panel, a quick procedure can be followed, with the system restored to the saved conditions once the image has been created.

There is also a possibility then Manual recovery of boot sectors via command “Bootrec /rebuildbcd”. The latter allows rebuilding the computer’s startup configuration. with “potrick /fixmbr”, Instead, repair the master boot record that is responsible for managing device startup. And with “boot/fixboot”, A new MBR is created.

Finally, the choice Comprehensive repair for Windows 10 and 11. In this sense, it is necessary to download the Windows installation disk, to burn to the evil UBS using programs such as Rufus. After starting the device via USB, and changing the boot order, you have to wait for the install button to appear.

From here you can click Reset your computerto access the area where there are troubleshooting tools to use to make the operating system work without deleting personal files, even with programs removed.

These are the steps you should refer to to resolve the Windows issue in question. It is good and appropriate to emphasize going deeper into topics and points, and if you are not very knowledgeable, reach out to experts in the field before anything else.

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Also be careful that some of the points indicated may allow you to return to a working computer without losing data or newer software, while with others you may have to start from scratch, after saving your files.

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