Israel is at war, bombs in Gaza. “Americans and Germans among the kidnapped” – News

Israel is at war, bombs in Gaza.  “Americans and Germans among the kidnapped” – News

Israel declares a state of war and prepares for a prolonged conflict, including a possible ground operation in Gaza, on whose borders tanks are increasingly deployed. These are the “significant military actions” voted on by the Netanyahu government’s Security Council and announced by the prime minister just hours after the enemy attack, sparking “a campaign of unprecedented momentum and breadth.” Without forgetting the growing tension in the north with Hezbollah – allies such as the Iranian Hamas movement – where an exchange of fire took place today between the two sides. The numbers indicate the strength of the ongoing conflict: in Israel, the number of victims of Hamas raids, including victims of the terrible massacre committed during an Israeli rave on the border, has reached more than 700 people. Of the nearly 2,500 injured, many are in serious condition. Hundreds are still missing. It appears that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have become ghost cities, as residents barricaded themselves in their homes after the rockets rained down on Saturday. The country is closed: Airlines cancel their flights to and from Ben Gurion Airport, one company after another. Many tourists were stranded, not just Italians. On the other hand, in Gaza, the number of deaths resulting from violent attacks launched by the Israeli Air Force reached more than 400 civilians and militiamen, in addition to 2,300 wounded. Before any ground action, the Israeli army must eliminate pockets of resistance on the border with the Gaza Strip, where clashes are still continuing between Hamas militia members and soldiers. As military spokesman Daniel Hagari admitted, 48 hours after the attack, “Hamas forces remain on Israeli territory.”

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Among the places where fighting is still taking place, for example, is the city of Sderot, where clashes broke out again near the police station that was seized by terrorists and then liberated by soldiers. Another hotspot is Kibbutz Melvasim. Israel stated that it had regained control of 22 residential communities attacked by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Militiamen from the three organizations – who were joined by defectors from Gaza after breaching the protective barrier separating the Strip from Israel – broke through from 29 points across one of the most closely monitored borders in the world. This is the biggest embarrassment in Israel to those responsible for intelligence, the armed forces and the government itself. Another aspect that may delay the possible entry of troops and tanks into Gaza is the presence of more than 100 Israeli hostages (including civilians and soldiers, living and dead, men, women and children, even with dual citizenship) in the tunnels and homes of the Strip. The three Palestinian armed factions. Their fate represents a question mark for Israel, especially in the face of harsh protests by relatives of the hostages who condemn the authorities’ “abandonment” of them. Social media is filled with requests for information and assistance.

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video Gaza, firefighters work among the rubble of a building

Today, Netanyahu appointed retired General Gal Hirsch as “coordinator for prisoner and missing persons affairs” with the task of dealing with the matter with full authority, while the army established what resembles a crisis unit to try to determine their whereabouts. No democratic government in the world can move freely with more than 100 hostages in the hands of the enemy. The Jewish state officially denied any negotiations with Hamas, whether regarding the conflict or the hostages. Official sources said, “Israel is not conducting any negotiations with Hamas through Egypt,” adding that “at the present time” they are fighting “terrorists present on Israeli territory. We are not participating in any negotiations regarding hostages yet.”

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On the ground, the Air Force continues to bomb the Strip with special attacks in the northern part of the Strip. Since Saturday – according to sources in the Palestinian sector – the army has destroyed 13 buildings and forced about 20,000 people to leave their homes and take refuge in UNRWA schools. Among the raids, the same sources spoke about the raid that took place in the south, which resulted in the killing of 9 people, including women and children. The same thing happened in Beit Hanoun in the north, where 9 other Palestinians were martyred. Among the dead was the leader of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Ayman Younis.

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The Israeli army reported that it had bombed a tunnel belonging to the Hamas movement that was built under a skyscraper in the northern Gaza Strip, and next to it was a mosque. The spokesman pointed out, “This proves once again that Hamas deliberately places its military facilities in civilian areas.” Meanwhile, Gazans began to leave the northern part of the Strip, which is the part closest to the border with Israel. This is the same area that the Jewish army declared a “war zone.” Further evidence that this would serve as the opening for a ground offensive.

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