Cagliari score Roma 1-4, Aouar goal, Lukaku, Belotti and Nandez brace from a penalty kick –

Cagliari score Roma 1-4, Aouar goal, Lukaku, Belotti and Nandez brace from a penalty kick –

there Rome He returns to winning away from home in the tournament, a result that has been missing since April 8 (1-0 against Torino), and is enjoying Best Lukaku ever (7 goals in the last seven matches, between the Italian League and the Europa League) The trio is completed by Frosinone, Servette and Cagliari. Facts over so many words – fake news according to Friedkins – even if beating the bottom of the table can hardly be considered a feat.

Why long faces then? Because shortly before the 40th minute, after a violent intervention with young Brati, Dybala He falls to the ground, puts his hands on his face and points to the point that frightens the entire Giallorossi world the most: Left knee. A stretcher is also prepared on the sidelines, but then Gioia comes out walking, even though the pain is great and he does nothing to hide it. Roma already lead 2-0 – goals from Aouar and Lukaku within a minute, between the 19th and 20th minutes – and Belotti It will replace it just fine, but that’s another story.

At the end of the race, Mo doesn’t turn off the alarm: “We will definitely lose Paolo for a while. I always trust players’ feelings: if he’s not optimistic, I’m not optimistic either. We are waiting for the test results.” Between today and tomorrow we will know more. The first diagnosis is: a collateral ligament sprain. From 20 days to a month off, but it is not easy to control fear. Now there is a break, the next period will be Roma-Monza. The realistic goal is to try and get the Argentine back for the match against Inter on October 29, at the San Siro, when there will be 50,000 angry whistlers waiting for Lukaku.

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Belotti, as mentioned earlier, did his job well. It also happened last season, but the Gallo did not even score within the rugby goals. But in this match, after he finished his preparations with the team, he came back as a reliable striker and striker with 3 goals in the league and 2 goals in the Europa League. If Lukaku isn’t there, Gallo will end up on the cover. But that’s good too, because Roma stopped making the news because of Mo’s suspension, the many goals he conceded, and the Arab shepherd who opposed the city’s mayor. The ranking is slowly getting back on track As Special One says: “Now we are less distant from the positions that the owners and fans want but above all us, because we talk about our lives. I’m not a kid, I know how football works. “I live in a bubble with my work group, and I don’t listen to anything else.”

Cagliari remains in last place In the standings, Ranieri will sit on the bench during the next three days, against Salernitana, Frosinone and Genoa. Because it is the fate of all coaches, even those who win.

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