Wind power, US landing in the Bay of Angels

Wind power, US landing in the Bay of Angels

It is the modern puzzle of gas war. Putin invades Ukraine with missiles and mortars, and at the same hours the Americans occupy Cagliari Bay without resistance, to be clear. They do it their own way, to the sound of wind turbines and legal ordinances. If there is no declared lack of communication, then one can think of an agreed-upon operation and chess: the Kaiser forever occupies the gas market in the West, and the Americans respond with their own hands to the Sardinian winds. Unprecedented compatibility. Three moves at once. The war in Ukraine, a decree to liberate the invasion of winds in the Sardinian sea, the landing of the Americans in a company that wants to plant 93 wind turbines in the Bay of Angels and in the Costa Smeralda Sea. The first move on the chessboard was taken by the Italian government. It’s last February 18. Mario Draghi, Europe’s banker on loan to Palazzo Chigi, does not think twice: under pressure from allies and citizens, he put the “Decree Act” on the agenda of the executive branch.

The argument of war

The energy crisis, the daughter of pre-existing tension between Russia and the West, is putting Europe’s economies under siege. It is Italy that pays the most, first the tensions and now the war between Russia and Ukraine. Bel Paese does not hide any secret: it is closely connected with Russian gas, using more than 40% of its consumption. The government’s goal is clear: to run a massive game of rounds to reduce system costs and, in theory, make energy costs less expensive. A kind of “right hand that comes from the left” and vice versa, where citizens always pay. The policy is that of interface discounts: first a disproportionate increase is created and then the balances are declared. With one fundamental difference: in both cases they always pay them, the end users. With a hypothetical 100% increase in energy costs, the state promotes itself as a donor, paying part of it. However, it is too bad that the citizens, through the public debt, end up, directly and indirectly, paying the entire increase.

Decree in favor of the world at sea

However, the occasion is too tempting not to attempt a real offensive, and to take full advantage of the winds of war and the expansionist goals of the Tsar of Russia. On February 18, in an evening cabinet session, the government launched a package of measures to loosen the grip of the bill’s increases. However, no one knows anything about the text. It ends up laminated, as if the surprise of the contents can only be revealed after the mint prints the indelible ink. Seven days after this announcement, the text has not yet been published in the Official Gazette. That was to be expected yesterday, but the presses didn’t seem to change. However, the text examined by the Round Table at Palazzo Chigi, arrived at our hands (pictured with Draghi).

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A measure passed as a “miracle”, but in fact it conceals a clear process: to give the green light to the occupation of the Sardinian Sea. They don’t explicitly write the geographic destination of the ruling, but insiders sure know what we’re talking about. In one fell swoop, Draghi and Singolani scored a ruling in favor of shovel sellers and government incentive banks. This step is a guesswork of rules and laws, with so many legislative references that even the most seasoned of palace jurists lose the key to the problem. Surgical intervention on pre-existing scripts. The goal is no decoration: to erase the remaining resistance to the invasion of sea winds in the Sardinian seas and beyond. Screen in the title of the ruling that will come into effect over the next few hours, most days: “A decree-law that includes urgent measures to contain the costs of electricity and natural gas, for the development of renewable energy, in order to relaunch industrial policies.” What better measure to make a beautiful gift to the wind lobbies, who always struggle with the rebellion of regions and municipalities?

sea ​​attack

The raid in the Sardinian Sea is accomplished by its formula that tastes like a shrine shrine: Sardinia’s coasts can be flooded with wind towers. In Article 13 of the ruling, which was kept in an armored Palazzo Chigi, it says: “Rationalization and simplification of licensing procedures for naval factories.” How to say, Release. Everyone is free, and above all free to occupy the Sardinian Sea. The regulatory graft envisaged by the decree being published is an unlimited occupation of the sea waters in front of Villasimius, Cagliari, Caputera and Nora, all without restrictions whatsoever, with the abolition of binding opinions, such as, for example, the opinion of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, reduced to a secondary role , kind of passer-by to the licensing system. The provision of large-scale dragees, meaning that water that was designated as suitable for the cultivation of giant wind turbines in the middle of the sea was not enough, with the new decree decided to open the borders and declare them all usable.

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Cabinet pass paper

The legislative formula is comprehensive: preferential passages, without hindrances, also apply to “areas not subject to restrictions incompatible with the establishment of marine vegetation.” To ensure there is no problem of any kind, they add: There can be no “delays”, not even for these new recruits. practically, Military manu. The government chose to act by abolishing the Ministry of Culture, which is only “audible”. Treatment is not limited to even the last cases. Not to mention the area, it is not even mentioned. The decree, the Draghi and Singolani decree, would come into force when the Russian war had already broken out. Spotlights in Ukraine and abroad on the Sardinian Sea. However, Putin’s advances on the streets of Kiev furthers the goals of the pneumatic lobby: to seize a large part of public incentives at once and without wasting time. Therefore, the war in Ukraine can only be the best excuse to fully consume offshore wind energy business.

strange seashells

In the same hours that the Russian militia crossed the border of Donbass, in the southeast of Ukraine, in Piazza Avary, in the heart of Milan, by government decree, the American financial “militia” landed. An explicit and stated mission: to purchase the company that designed the wind conquest of the Sardinian Sea, Falck Renewables, which has always been the Falck family’s “green rib”, which is steel. For 60% of this wind power rib, including Nora Ventu, which the company created specifically for island landings, is none other than the world’s most imposing star and stripe bank, JP Morgan. The operation was announced ten days ago, on Valentine’s Day, but what was about to happen wasn’t proof of love. On the same day that tanks broke delays on the Ukrainian border, the Infrastructure Investment Fund, the fund linked to JP Morgan, bought 60% of the Italian renewable energy company owned, even shortly before the war, by the powerful Italian steel family.

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The Italians jump

The operation was in a “quasi-military” plate: in one fell swoop the Italians were removed from the board of directors. In place of Falcks, Enrico and Federico will be replaced by Olof Michael Kramer, CEO-designate to the board of directors, and John Hoskins Foster, an American from Colorado, who has been named vice president of marine wind landings in the Sardinian Sea. The story of the new president is about energy, from hydropower to wind, and from nuclear to gas and coal. The “lineage” was formed in the icy winds of Northern Europe, bringing home the frightening coefficients in the onshore and offshore winds, respectively of 740 MW and 1800 MW. Therefore, the Americans, those of the very powerful J.P. Morgan, to land in Sardinia, depended more on the man who scattered shovels in the middle of the sea than anyone in the world. Meanwhile, since yesterday, the process of offering to buy the rest of the shares, including voluntary green bonds worth 200 million euros, has also begun on the stock exchange.

Age puzzle

In this ascent to the wind and the Sardinian sea, no detail will escape: in the announcement of the American purchase of shares of the Sardinian winds to the stock exchange, an agreement “subject to” the definition of the huge “licenses “to be obtained was officially foreseen. The mystery remains: were these licenses only financial and procedural or was the reference rather to those relating to the conquest from Capo Carbonara to Villasimius, from Cagliari to Nora, on the Pula coast? There’s no doubt: With the invasion of Ukraine, Putin gave the Italian government the ultimate excuse for an unprecedented gift to the Americans: wind turbines in the Gulf of Cagliari.

Court and Marine Corps

Defining Sardinia’s energy processes leaves little room for work. There is only one way to stop it: to challenge the government decree before the Constitutional Court, which raises a real conflict of powers between the territory and the state. It’s the only move that can stop the Marines from landing, those who want to make a lot of bucks spinning wind turbines in the Bay of Angels. From the gas war to the wind war.

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