2 gifts, €9,000, and also applies to old diesel and gasoline

Bonuses for new cars are coming, but it will be very different from the old bonuses because the government has all the new priorities.

Car rewards for 2022 will be completely different in all respects from the old ones. It is certainly broader, more interesting and tangibly closer to the needs of families. If the first wave of car rewards had one goal, and that was to push the electric car, then this time everything changed.

First of all, there are a lot of doubts about the electric car because The transition to electricity would cost up to 70,000 jobs and the government certainly doesn’t like that prospect these days. But vintage car bonuses were also set up at a time when confidence was very strong in being able to get out of the crunch in a very short time. It was believed that once the virus is over, the economy will literally be revived and the restart will be marked by significant growth. But first, terrible inflation and international tensions over Ukraine are freezing that possibility, and new rewards are taking this into account.

Not just electric: broader aid

In fact, these new bonuses will not only be for electric cars, but also for cars that run on diesel, gasoline, methane or LPG. The biggest discount will be electric cars and it will be equal to 9000 euros. Then the discount gradually decreases as the pollution from the vehicle increases. But the new windings are designed in such a way that even a diesel or petrol car can take advantage of the feature. This is a pretty big automatic bonus because this new procedure should be considered structural.

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It lasts 8 years and is proportional to the income

In fact, it starts in 2022 and ends in 2030 with 1 billion euros allocated for each year. So the government expected Jamal 8 billion euros for this measure. If the old car is canceled, the discount obviously increases compared to buying without canceling. But there is other important news. In fact, many rumors talk about Income fit mechanism to help the most difficult families.

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But this new reward will also be accompanied by measures to enhance and for energy transmission Installing electric car charging stations Without which any transition to electricity would seem completely unrealistic. But how will the mechanism that provides for the proportionality of income be structured? There are currently no details on this aspect.

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