Francesca Cipriani and her boyfriend lied to everyone: there really is a son

According to the latest rumors, Francesca Cipriani and her boyfriend lied to Gf ​​Vip because there really is a son: but what is the truth?

Francesca Cipriani, Boyfriend and Alfonso Signorini-Politique 24

Francesca Cipriani He is one of the most loved and followed by the public in this new version of big brother vip. Spontaneous, genuine, loyal, genuine, gentle but also sensitive with an infectious laugh. During these months he confirmed what was already known about him: a respectable person, true values, and a heart of gold. He has shown this on several occasions, also in connection with his great love, Alessandro Rossi.

Whenever you talk about it, her eyes sparkle and every time you see her she gets moved. It is enough just to look into his eyes to understand that he feels Really real and powerful feeling. It’s no surprise that the Gf Vip in recent weeks has satisfied her by letting her boyfriend in the house for a few days. They had many moments together and Alessandro proved himself to be the beautiful person that Francesca had always described. Kind and real. However, in the past few days rumors have spread about it They lied about having a baby.

Francesca Cipriani and her boyfriend lied: There really is a son

Indiscretion about having a child It was published in the New Weekly and as also reported by Gossip Fanpage, it could have been an anonymous source to spread this news. Therefore, according to the pages of Nuovo, the friend of Francesca Cipriani will already have a three-year-old son. Jevenna would obviously be aware of that and both of them would have kept her in the dark for the Big Brother Vip’s editorial staff.

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But not only that: the indiscretion reported by the weekly would have been confirmed by someone very close to them, and he would have added to it also other details.

Will it be discussed in the episode?

The person in question is Rita Di Michele, mother of Francesca Cipriani, and she confirmed the news in an interview with Riccardo Signoriti, Novo director. Also adding that the daughter She met her boyfriend’s son and ex-partner.

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Of course, the news in itself should not disturb anything within the game, but one wonders why they hid such important news from everyone. Perhaps to respect the privacy of the child? These are all questions that many ask themselves and may get an answer in the next episode.

Francesca Cipriani, Boyfriend and Alfonso Signorini-Politique 24

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