Will Smith, what was Jada Pinkett’s reaction to the slap? Video reveals it

Will Smith, what was Jada Pinkett’s reaction to the slap?  Video reveals it

The Will Smith slaps Chris Rock Over the course of the 2022 Oscars is definitely the most discussed news in the past few days. Reactions to the incident varied, but none focused on the most important ones: Jada Pinkett’s reaction.

The actress is already the victim of a Chris Rock joke, She was overwhelmed by her husband’s reaction in this context, who got up and beat up the comedian, to bring to life what we are living now. But how did the woman respond to what happened?

In a video circulating on Tik Tok in the past few hours, filmed from the front row of the Oscar audience, Pinkett seems to react at first with a visible laugh that totally shakes her. It’s unclear, after Chris Rock commented on Smith’s slap, whether the woman was laughing out of tension, but it’s highly likely. Later, when her husband returned to the table, Pinkett remained still without speaking to him. The reaction is more than justified, he is the victim, and the husband may not have engaged in the same way, or maybe he just decided that this is not the best place to talk about it with him. Perhaps it would have been better to do this during a business break or after the event.

However, we don’t know more about Jada Pinkett’s reaction and thoughts. And perhaps based on the actress’s public statement after the Oscars, Looks like we’ll have to wait for an upcoming episode of Red Table Talk to find out more. Meanwhile, some were opened Investigations into what happened at the 2022 Oscars.

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