“He was much loved.” Among the dignitaries are Morandi, Bobo, Spain – Corriere.it

“He was much loved.”  Among the dignitaries are Morandi, Bobo, Spain – Corriere.it

Milan – From the road, long before you reach the square of the Church of Saints Nereus and Achilles, you can hear the choir of many, many people who have come to greet Toto Cutugno. The well-known phrase “Let me sing…” almost echoes through the half-empty, hot streets of Milan.

There are not many celebrities. gIanni Morandi, Mario Lavezzi, Ivana Spagna, Bobo. I’m mostly thereAnd ordinary people Those who have felt the need to salute the singer-songwriter, and it is always they who, when the coffin arrives, after standing ovations, speak to it as if it were not a coffin covered with white roses. They do it as if Cutugno was there and listening to them.

“Great!” “Bravo Toto.” “You are great.” Then a man shouts: “Toto, why?”. This is Stelio Stella, guitarist of the first group Cutugno, Toto and Tati. The church is full, people security channels. The capacity is 1,000 people but many more have arrived.

While delivering the sermon parish priest d The cathedral in which Cotogno also married Carla – who listens in the front row, next to his son Niko – admits he’s received hundreds of letters: ‘He was very likable but always a humble and helpful person. Every year, we were allowed into the house to get a blessing before Christmas. You have never felt like being in the home of someone who has sold millions of records around the world. The door was simply opened for us An open and welcoming person». He then revealed when Cotonou asked to be able to play the organ for the recital now: “He did. He was a man of faith. I also received several letters telling me that he helped several people in the neighborhood, even if financially.

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He chose to read two of them, including the singer-songwriter’s son’s letter to his landlord: “When my father died, he showed so much closeness and affection to my mother.” In the words of these people there are also recent recollections of Cutugnos’ disease from which he suffered: “He made jokes about his crutches, but you can see he’s been on trial recently.” Another person explains: “Even if he was very tired, I saw him the last time we went to vote: even then he did his homework even though it cost him an effort.” There is a lot of affection, but there is also a lot of gratitude.

a person holding a sign: “You saved my life”; Another explains that had he not made her passionate about music, she would have ended up in bad company. beloved in the world, Very close to his neighborhood, Città Studi, he lived without divisions. When the coffin returns to the churchyard, some balloons with musical notes are released. Another long round of applause. Then the people would go back to singing, in silence, that song which for many is a statement. And that’s for everyone, is Cutugno.

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