Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars after the slap

Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars after the slap

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the association that awards the Academy Awards, held on Wednesday make it known This actor Will Smith refused to leave the Oscars soon after slap Presented live to comedian Chris Rock, at the request of the association itself. The academy added that “things went unexpectedly” and acknowledged that “he could have handled the situation differently”.

The Academy statement relates to the most famous episode and commentary from the recent Academy Awards, which took place a few seconds after a rock joke about the hair of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, who suffers from the disease. Alopecia areataIt is a disease that you suffer from and leads to hair loss. Shortly after the slap, Smith won Best Actor.

Also on Wednesday, Rock performed a comedy show in Boston for the first time since the Academy Awards, comment The story is brief. Rock, who began by asking the Wilbur theater audience how the weekend went, said he had no jokes about what happened on Sunday, adding that he had put together a different show the night before it happened. But he said he was “still processing what happened” and promised that “at some point he will talk about this nonsense. It will be [una cosa] Seriously, it will be fun, but now I have a few lines to say,” he concluded before continuing with the show.

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