Why do you miss your salary?

Why do you miss your salary?

The Irpef reform introduced by the 2022 Budget Law has changed the income limits to be able to benefit from the €100 bonus, which as of 2022 is only recognized for incomes below €15,000, and in some cases to the second income tax bracket . Let’s see together who was excluded from the bonus.

Why are so many no longer receiving the €100 bonus, also known as the Renzi bonus? The reason lies in Budget Law 2022 who modified income thresholds To reach the interest, hence the curve Discounts Based on Privileges.

Let’s see in detail what happened.

€100 bonus 2022: fixing the earpf

Money 1005476_1920Starting in 2022, after the new Budget LawThe income thresholds in order to take advantage of 100 . bonus euro (formerly Bonus Renzi); In fact, until last year, incomes ranging between 8,145 euros and 28 thousand euros per year, and in the form of reduced incomes between 28 thousand euros and 40 thousand euros, could benefit.

With the changes made by the maneuver, only Income up to 15 thousand euros, for an annual amount of €1,200, which will see the bonus added directly to the pay slip. However, the reward is only recognized if it The sum of all discounts due (as an employee, such children and dependent spouses, loan interest expense, health costs, recovery interventions for building assets and all those included on the income tax return for expenses and fees incurred) is Above the total tax due.

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The tax reform paradox

Money 1005477_1920

Therefore, they can take advantage of Bonus 100 EUR Those citizens who do not have dependent family members, who have not applied for mortgages and have not done renovations or energy rehabilitation, for example, are no longer entitled to supplemental treatment.

Interview by Money.it, PresidentNational Association of AccountantsAnd the Anc Cuchelemphasized the paradox of this tax reform:

If the sum of these deductions is greater than the total tax, the protection clause will be triggered and at that point you will benefit from the additional treatment, although it exceeds 15 thousand euros and is within 28 thousand euros. Therefore, those who have not renovated their homes, even if they exceed 15 thousand euros of income, will not receive complementary treatment. And for the millions of employees with an income of less than 28 thousand euros, complementary treatment meant a huge difference in means and ability to spend.

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