Harry returned to London (but increasingly lonely): his father, King Charles, did not want to meet him: ‘he was busy’

Harry returned to London (but increasingly lonely): his father, King Charles, did not want to meet him: ‘he was busy’

Prince Harry has surprisingly returned to Britain to file a lawsuit against the Daily Mail. And he wanted to take advantage of this homecoming to ask for an audience with his father, King Charles, and perhaps even to discuss his participation in the coronation on May 6. But the King, who is working from his home in Gloucestershire Highgrove before leaving on a three-day state visit to Germany, did not seem to want to meet him. Yesterday, sources close to Harry said the prince had “called” his father to let him know he would be in the country, but had been told the monarch was “busy”.

King Charles Coronation, secret rehearsals with William and Kate and name cancellations: what will happen on May 6th

There is not even a meeting with his brother William, who is leaving with Kate and their three children for the Easter weekend. Therefore, it seems that Harry is increasingly isolated.
Earlier this year, The Mail revealed how Charles and William were deeply hurt and enraged by Harry’s repeated attacks on his family, particularly in his controversial memoir, Spear. Sources said neither man intended to “get sucked in” into it. They are not believed to have seen or spoken to him since Queen Elizabeth’s death. Although an invitation to attend the King’s coronation in May has been extended to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there is still no response. Palace staff continue to plan just in case they come, as the historic event is less than six weeks away.

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Why Harry Returned: The Case Against Mail

However, Harry’s return to London has nothing to do with the family. In fact, the Duke of Sussex has taken legal action against the Daily Mail along with other celebrities.

Involved as injured parties, in addition to Harry, are in fact musician Elton John and her husband David Furnish, actresses Liz Hurley and Sadie Frost, as well as Baroness Doreen Lawrence, a member of the House of Lords and mother of a boy who was the victim of a racially motivated murder in 1993. “The complainants have become aware of the evidence. compelling and compelling criminal activity and serious invasions of privacy,” are the words of the claim quoted by People.

In essence, the Mail, with the complicity of journalists and group executives, is alleged to have illegally collected private information, with enlisted investigators responsible for wiretapping the homes and cars of targeted people, as well as illegally listening in on phone conversations, intercepting medical data and hacking bank accounts. “Ridiculous fabrications,” said the publisher’s lawyers, who reject any analogy to the Murdoch case.

Coronation: What Harry and Meghan are asking for

Meanwhile, the day of the coronation is approaching: Harry and Meghan would like to invite their children, Princes Archie and Lilibet, as their cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis. The royal palace would not have included their names in the guest list because the two would be “too young”. The Sussexes not only want the two children to participate in the ceremony, but also to have an important role in it.

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Stay at Frogmore

Harry and Meghan were also to make two requests regarding their stay in London. The two plan to spend the weekend of the coronation at Frogmore Cottage, or the residence from which King Charles III had evicted them, possibly with the intention of giving it to Prince Andrew. His Majesty has already agreed to lend the house to the dukes. However, Harry would not be completely satisfied and would set another condition: the protection of Scotland Yard. With regard to the issue of security, which was canceled after Megxit, the prince has an open dispute with London and the final decision of the Supreme Court in this matter is scheduled to arrive next April.

On the balcony with the whole family

After the coronation, there will be a procession starting at Westminster Abbey and ending at Buckingham Palace. When the procession reaches the palace, the monarch will look down from the balcony to greet the crowd along with the rest of the royal family. Harry and Meghan asked to be included. The couple would like to be on the verandah with the rest of the family knowing that this is the business of the Windsors who work for the Crown. OK! “Harry and Meghan want to be part of that special family moment.”

Private meeting after the ceremony

The couple was also going to bring up one last request: a private meeting with King Charles III and Prince William: Harry was very clear, another source told the Mirror, “And his position has been unwavering. He will come if he feels the atmosphere is not as poisonous as it was at Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee and at her funeral.”

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May 6th is Archie’s fourth birthday and the Sussexes don’t want to deprive their son of the celebration. Then they asked if it was possible, in some way, to include a hint of this memory in the event. Or find a way to organize a small family party for the little prince.

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