Carlo Conte, great emotion during the live broadcast: After years of memory of tears

Carlo Conte, great emotion during the live broadcast: After years of memory of tears

During the second episode of Tale and which Show, conductor Carlo Conte wanted to honor two Italian music giants.

The first episodes of the new version of like that which appears He confirmed that the program he conducted Carlo Conti It is now one of the most awaited events by viewers. Also this year, the conductor seems to have guessed the cast, due to the stretch Excellent explanations The contestants were invited to imitate the sacred beasts of Italian and world music.

So and so show, program conducted by Carlo Conte websource

There is no shortage of fun moments, thanks above all to the funny couple who composed it Francesco Paolantoni And the Gabriel Cirelli who nevertheless managed to win first place in the third episode – even if it was on a par with Valentina Faris – To imitate the highly regarded Laurel and Hardy.

During the second appointment of this edition, Carlo Conte wanted to take a little space to remember Two legends of Italian music Which unfortunately has been missing for many years now. As Arlex’s website also reported, Carlo Conte paid tribute first and foremost to a famous singer and songwriter who passed away 20 years ago.

Pierangelo Bertoli and Augusto Dalio, touching memories in Tell and Quali Show

Exactly twenty years ago, a wonderful singer-songwriter left us…”Conte said, up front what was a very emotional moment for everyone. “Just because today She is exactly twenty years old. We want to remember Pierangelo Bertoli Here at Tale and which So, Carlo Conte said, shooting two films that made a huge impact on viewers of the Tale and which Show.

In fact, the Bertoli tradition has been re-proposed in previous editions of the show, which saw the heroes. Gio de Tono And the Max Giusti. A small tribute to the unforgettable singer-songwriter from Sassuolo, who died in Modena on October 7, 2002 at the age of 59 from lung cancer.

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Bertoli Daulio
Bertoli Daulio websource

After paying homage to Pierangelo Bertoli, Carlo Conte also wanted to remember another giant in the history of Italian music. Also on October 7, but ten years ago, I came out Augusto Dalio, the leader and pioneer of the Bedouins. Daolio and Bertoli shared the same fate: even the Nomadi singer was defeated by lung cancer when he was only 45 years old.

Remembrance, which Carlo Conte desperately wanted on Tale and Quali Show, which united two great voices, sang common ideals move and share whole generations. Then the second episode witnessed a victory Antonino Spadachinowhich managed to beat other competitors thanks to the interpretation Tom Walker. The former Amici student also won the victory in the first episode.

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