Wild Arena Survivors Was Actually Far Cry, Game Details Released “Secretly” – Nerd4.life

Wild Arena Survivors Was Actually Far Cry, Game Details Released “Secretly” – Nerd4.life

Ubisoft has quietly released a new mobile shooter, known as Survivors of the Wild Arena last week. According to a new report, this game was actually Far Cry, but the company preferred to delete all references to the saga and release it without ads.

The information comes from mobegamer.biz, which reports via a source that Wild Arena Survivors was formerly known as Far Cry: Wild Cole And it was supposed to be an accidental battle royale for the famous franchise. The game could have had an art element similar to Far Cry 6.

The name has remained in some parts of the game, for example at the Wild Call Festival and is reminiscent of Far Cry 6 for the color palette, animals and other details. However, the name of the saga has been removed from Wild Arena Survivors, according to the source, because Ubisoft decided to reduce investments In terms of marketing after the game failed to impress during the testing phase.

The source also adds that Ubisoft Don’t pay attention to mobile gamesNot as much as console and PC titles: also that’s why Wild Arena Survivors was released almost in secret. According to the source, Ubisoft has spent more than it should on development and now wants to recover costs and learn how to manage a mobile multiplayer game. The source says that while the games are expensive and underperform, learning from them is still important from Ubisoft’s perspective.

However, it appears that Ubisoft has many more games coming, such as Assassin’s Creed: 4 Games and the DLC will be announced at Ubisoft Forward according to Tom Henderson.

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