Filming of a popular TV show has been discontinued

Filming of a popular TV show has been discontinued

The situation is still in doubt and it is not known when filming can resume. The serious incident with the Super 3 upset everything

It was December 2022 when a niche program was banned due to a negative event that no one ever expected. Not much is known about the matter, as the channel it aired on tried not to leak anything. All this happened on the set, and for the pilot there were moments of panic, because he also had to wait for help to arrive.for forty-five minutes“, He says Self-development Take the data that came out of the masthead the sun.

Bad accident ( – Mondofuoristrada)

A VIP employee had a bad accident while he was testing a tricycle Morgan: the Super 3. We are talking about former England cricketer and captain Andrew Flintoff, who since 2019 has been part of the cast that runs the BBC programme, with a motoring theme, maximum speed. Popular format refers to the version broadcast from 1977 through 2001.

In 2002, then the journalist Jeremy ClarksonBacked by Andy Wellman, he managed to make the format flourish again, with a very successful result. The broadcast has often been criticized for its content as offensive or inappropriate. Indeed, the presenters who have followed over the years have had a provocative and humorous attitude.

Flintoff’s Super 3 incident

The thirty-fourth season of Top Gear is permanently frozenFilming was interrupted after the serious accident that Mosul was subjected to. New rumors regarding the event highlight the risk of no return to the small screen either by Flintoff or to the broadcast itself. Various newspapers reported about him, considering that the latter had not yet expressed its opinion on the matter.

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Flintoff and the incident with Super 3 (Ansa) –

We are talking about a transporter who is always trying to raise the level of danger, endangering the safety of people who participate in acrobatic auditions using transport. This time, it appears that the bcc Failed to ensure proper security for the ex-captainDue to the severe delay observed in the arrival of the ambulance to the shooting location.

The BBC has kept the extent of Flintoff’s injuries under wrapsAn insider says in a comment. It seems the host can also sue the show and the second Share online He might even consider never returning to the small screen. with regard to maximum speedthe latest rumors speak of a return to the pastLed by Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

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