Science, blind people can return to corneal vision with pig collagen

Science, blind people can return to corneal vision with pig collagen

It will be possible to return to the vision again. A Swedish research team has created an artificial cornea made of pig collagen.

Thanks to a new innovative study Performed by a Swedish research team it will be possible to restore sight. Linkoping University and Linkoping Care Life Sciences researchers have created a cornea based on porcine collagen.

This is a very important finding, The numbers on hand, allow us to solve the old limit of poor availability of donors.

The study was published by the prestigious Nature Biotechnology journal, while about twenty people were surveyed.

Pork collagen cornea can restore sight to many people

Positive results were found after this clinical study. According to the research, the tissue that was implanted in 20 patients He was able to recover quickly thanks to an 8-week treatment with immunosuppressive eye dropsThis made it possible to avoid the possibility of fabric rejection.

In addition, the research also reported that patients were followed up over the past two years. So no complications were found.

‘Larger clinical study needed’

while Explaining the results of the clinical study, Neil LaGali, one of the study’s custodians, explained: “The results show that it is possible to develop a biomaterial that meets all criteria for use as a human implant, which can be mass-produced and stored for up to two years and thus reach more people with vision problems.

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This could allow us to overcome the lack of corneal tissue from donors and access other treatments for eye diseases.”

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