Redemption of Milan with Reggio Emilia. Sassari, Pisaro and Venice win

Redemption of Milan with Reggio Emilia.  Sassari, Pisaro and Venice win

After the defeat in Naples, Olimpia achieved success again with good banjos. The Sardinian team beat Treviso with zero points. Reyer wins over Cremona

The third day of the Italian Basketball League begins with the victory of Milan, which returns strongly and does so in the Forum against Reggio Emilia (79-68). Pizarro also won with excellent teams of Tamboni with 16 points and Venezia after a difficult match thanks to 17 from Sims.

Milan Reggio Emilia 79-68

Olimpia recovers from defeat against Napoli, and Reggio suffers its first defeat. Even if Milan started poorly, to the point that in the 10th minute there were more turnovers (10) than points scored (9). Riggio defends great, finds +9 and sends many men to the basket. But in the second quarter, it is Olimpia that grows in defense and thus increases the spaces in attack: Pangos and Mirotic dialogue, then Tunot and Meli score the first advantage (24-23) midway through the second half. Until the game turned completely at 30-23 after a 21-5 half. The influence of young Kamagate is invaluable. On the other hand, Unahotels loses fluidity, taints their shooting percentages (6/30 from three), and goes without a basket for six minutes. Not even Galway were able to reduce the gap before the break (34-27). The double-digit lead was a nice confidence boost for Pangos, one of the most criticized point guards of late, who hit a triple to make it 43-31. In an instant, Olimpia reached +16 (52-36), before the opponent stopped him in the opposition zone. But without risking it to the end. So Voigtmann put a stamp on it with a middle throw to Tonut.
Milan: Tonot 16; Poythress 14; Banjos and Merotic 12
Reggio Emilia: Weber 16; Galway 11; Hervé 10

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Sassari Treviso 80-76

In the third attempt, Banco di Sardinia broke the deadlock with a “sloppy” but necessary success, while Treviso remained at the bottom of the standings with zero points after returning blow for kick throughout the match, even if with some stops in the attempt. The end resulted in death. Terry (best player with 18 points) in his debut, and Bowman are the heroes of the first quarter, which was closed by Sassari, who also had a short break to make it 16-11. The visitors, except for one pass in the second half, never sat back but had the advantage of always staying close to their opponents. Five minutes before the end, at 63-63, the balance reached its maximum after a free throw from Fajian. We fight point after point until the Bank strikes the final blow with a 6-0 lead by Tyree and McKinney (73-67). A push that was never countered by Nutribullet, who with Bowman still had the false hat trick in hand for a potential victory with a few seconds left.
Sassari: Taieri 18; Gombold 13; Diop 11
Treviso: Bowman 18; poker 14; Midnight and Allen 9

Brindisi Pesaro 68-81

Pesaro won, bouncing back from their first two defeats and sinking Corbani’s happy Casa Brindisi at Pala Pentasuglia. The training immediately went downhill for Carpina Prosciutto, who scored 20-0, cutting off Brindisi’s legs, thanks to Bamforth, who finished with 21 points and Beloit, his 16th in the 40th minute. Brindisi tries to come back, with a 9-2 break, led by Morris, who however does not affect the home advantage: 15-24 at 10′. The stalemate of the match in the second quarter did not change, despite the attacking raids of Morris, Risma and Lazzewski, because Foyle, with threes from first Bamforth and then Tamboni, keeps his hands firmly on the handlebars for 30-42, by which we go to the long break. The match confirms its master even in the second 20 minutes, where every attempt at Puglia’s comeback is nipped in the bud, and Pizarro immediately reaches +15 and then keeps his opponent at a safe distance, who wins despite 7-0, led by Laszewski. They found themselves at -12 at the third siren: 48-60. The fourth quarter has little to say, Carpina Prosciutto manages Brindisi’s momentary shock, represented by the plays of Mitchell and Morris without worry, finds +15 again at 60-75, and then continues until the end.
Finished 68-81
Brindisi 16 Morris, 9 Risma, 8 Bayhi
Pizarro 21 Bamforth, 16 Beloit, Tamboni

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Venice – Cremona 79-76

Venezia won, remaining unbeaten after a tough match at the Stadio Taliersio. Cremona starts better thanks to an excellent 13-14 McCullough run midway through the first half, but then Parks and Tucker go ahead with 8 and 12 points respectively at the end of the game, giving an initial lead of 7 points and then capping off the fourth that ends with a score of 28-19 for the Lakers. The second quarter is also Venetian, the hat-trick of Tessitori, Brown and especially Wiltger, who made the score 40-27 3′ from the second siren, paved the way that leads directly to 43-33 in the 20th minute. As for Fanoli’s reaction, we have to wait for the third quarter, when First De Negri, then Adrian and Zegarowski, put Cremona within 4 at 51-47 with 3 minutes remaining in the 30th minute.
It would be Golden who would tie the game at 53 with 1 minute to go before the third siren, but at the end of the third quarter, Venezia had a two-point lead 57-55 after a Brown basket. The final ten minutes saw Simms and Zegarowski the absolute champions, with a total of 17 points for the former and 21 for the latter. The Venezia player found the basket and fouled 73-66, in the second half of the quarter, but the No. 3 of Cremona scored first from 3 and then scored from the line: 75-72 with less than 2 minutes to go. After a final in which Rayer was unable to close the score, Adrian committed Cremona’s decisive error from 3.
It ends 79-76.
Venice 17 Simms, 12 Brown Jr. and 12 Tucker
Cremona 21 Zegarowski, 13 McCullough, 11 Golden

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