Why is it bad luck to give away knives? Here’s what could happen if you do

Why is it bad luck to give away knives?  Here’s what could happen if you do

Giving anything to a relative, friend or family member is a very kind and appreciated gesture, even if gifts aren’t always welcome. However, in order to avoid the displeasure of those who bought the gift, they pretend that they like it. Or, in other cases, it is in turn given to someone else. In addition to personal tastes, there are gifts that should never be bought, because they are associated with superstition. Among the variety of gifts that should not be chosen, there are knives.

What do knives symbolize?

the knifesince ancient times, is a symbol Great respect as well as strength. It was used as a file a weapon To defend themselves and the paterfamilias who possessed one, all considered worthy of respect and equal respect. Even civil servants could have a knife as evidence superiority. In short, the knives were related Manhood And authority of those who possessed them and they were undoubtedly things of great value.

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Because you don’t have to give up knives

Get rid of the knives Not a good idea at allfor two very specific reasons: the first is that it is thought to be advertiseable Adversely affect Interpersonal relationships, such as the relationship between giver and recipient, friendship or relationship of kinship or attachment. And secondly, donating cutlery is a source of Bad luck and it is possible Misunderstanding and quarrels between people. Moreover, it can transform hurtful I give one. However, if your best friend is getting married, for example, and you want to give her a set of crockery, including cutlery, you will have to exchange the gift for money. Don’t panic, it’s not an extravagant number, quite the opposite, you just need one. shark. Otherwise, what gift would it be?

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Superstitions in other countries of the world

Now let’s see what are the common beliefs related to different countries of the world. Curious to know that, V.I FinlandTo ask to marry him, the “lover” stuck a knife in bed from his beloved, and if she did not remove him from there, marriage was guaranteed. in United kingdomRather, it was necessary to give Half brown To the donor in exchange for knives. in latin america and in China, giving away knives is synonymous with breaking friendship, so it is not recommended at all. in Japan, knives, according to beliefs, are a source of misfortune and are used to scare away evil spirits. Also, when you have a knife as a gift, you have to make gift package with inside shark to give to the donor.

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Central Asian countries: knives are welcome gifts

We have just seen that in different parts of the world it is not customary to donate knives but there is an exception. This is DolMiddle AsiaWhere the knife is a gift Great value And expensive too. It is believed that the knife is able to ward off diseases and unpleasant situations. So, for these reasons, there is a gift that is more than welcome and appreciated by most people.

Have you ever given someone knives? Do you know about these superstitions? Do you believe him?

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