They began testing the first male birth control pill that did not disrupt hormones

Birth control pills for men It is progressing very slowly Progressing. It may be years before a safe and effective drug is marketed, but not as much as we thought.

And ready Testing on humans has begun A medicine he designed A team from the University of Minnesota Which has so far achieved very good results in both mice and monkeys.

Researchers have drawn on their long experience in women’s contraception – more than 60 years – to develop birth control pills that contain the active ingredient. Minimal possible side effects. Contrary to what happens with women, this medicine Reduces fertility Of men Without interfering with sex hormones, As the teacher explains Gonda Georgeproject manager:

“The world is ready for male contraception, and producing methods that do not affect hormones. This is the most appropriate, given what we know about the side effects that women have suffered from birth control pills for decades.”

Sixteen volunteers The British were the first to test it on humans. The trial is being conducted at a clinic in Nottingham, and results will be announced in the spring.

The medicine is called YCT-529 Which was submitted in April 2022, Inhibits RAR-a protein (retinoic acid receptor alpha) which is involved in sperm formation. This protein is part of a group of nuclear receptors that, Bound to a vitamin A derivativeare necessary for fetal development and cell growth and differentiation, for example, for sperm formation.

The experiment was on mice 99% effectiveness To prevent pregnancy. Its effects disappear a month after stopping taking the medication, meaning that her fertility regains within 4 weeks.

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The new drug, in clinical trials, will be “as effective or more effective” than the female birth control pill, according to its promoters (Pexels/Ron Latch)

Without the side effects of testosterone

Historically, the burden of contraception has always fallen on women. there Dozens of barrier methods designed for womenSuch as female condoms, diaphragms, intrauterine devices, injectable hormones or patches, vaginal rings, pills, contraceptive implants, so-called “morning-after pills” or tubal ligation, as the final surgical method. But most of them have side effects.

In the RoleOn the other hand, there are less secure options: basically Dues, Condoms and vasectomy. For years, science has been searching for a drug for men that is similar to birth control pills for women. There are ongoing trials of pills or gels that act on testosterone, the male sex hormone, but inhibiting it causes side effects such as weight gain, bad cholesterol, or depression.

Volunteers participating in this study will receive increasingly higher doses of YCT-529, and will be monitored to see if this drug reduces the amount of sperm in their semen and if they have any side effects.

He purchased a license to produce and sell this medicine Treatments are your choicewhich claims the drug is “99% effective and 100% reversible” and “as effective or more effective than the female birth control pill.”

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