The CDC reports that women that are pregnant are at a higher risk of having a severe illness when they have Covid-19. Studies suggest that these women have 50% more of a chance to end up in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and they are 70% more likely to require a breathing machine. The CDC also claims that the pregnancy has a higher chance of ending with premature birth. The good news is, though, that no definitive evidence has been found to suggest any increases in birth defects.

Several studies have shown that women are more susceptible of getting Covid-19 if they are pregnant. There are a few reasons that women must face these special risks will they are pregnant. Most of them are because the body must change in various ways for the fetus to form and grow.

  1. Immune System-When you are pregnant your immune system is constantly changing to adjust for the baby growing in your belly. Half of the fetus is from the father, which is basically foreign matter that is detected by the immune system. However, the body understands that it is a foreign body that needs to be allowed. The immune system will adjust, and continue to adjust, as the baby gets bigger. This allows viruses the ability to attack the system. Any type of breakdown in the immune system will give Covid-19 a chance to attach itself to the body.
  2. Lungs-The lungs are compromised already because as the fetus grows, less room is available for you to breathe. This decreases the capacity that is being used and can open them up to infections. As you probably know, Covid-19 likes to attack the lungs. Therefore, pregnant women are more likely to have to be put on a breathing machine if they are infected than women that are not currently carrying a baby. Make sure that you have some type of pregnancy insurance to help cover costs if this should happen.
  3. Circulation-Circulation plays a huge part in the body’s systems, and Covid-19 likes to attack it as well as the lungs. In the later months of pregnancy, your body will pump out 50% more blood, which can pose a problem if fluid is filling the lungs. The more blood produced, the more fluid that is available to fill the lungs. Blood clots also become a bigger issue because as a general rule pregnant women are more prone to clotting as it is. Covid-19 has been found to cause blood clotting as well, so if you are pregnant and have the virus you are very likely to have an issue with blood clots.
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 It is important to maintain your health, stay active, and take precautions to prevent getting covid-19. There are numerous articles and books on preventative measures that help you stay healthy, so it will not be covered here. Just make sure that you do everything that you can to prevent yourself from getting covid-19. If you feel like you have any signs or symptoms reach out to your health care provider immediately to get checked and monitored if the test comes back positive.

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