Generalizing about soldiers? They must be ready. It is the context that dictates it »-

Generalizing about soldiers?  They must be ready.  It is the context that dictates it »-
to Maria Theresa Meli

Defense Minister: We bear the available responsibilities with NATO to strengthen measures in the countries most exposed to the southeast

M.Inistro Lorenzo Guerini The House of Representatives voted yesterday on an agenda to raise military spending to 2% of GDP: are you satisfied, given that you were the first to argue the need to increase it? Apparently, after what is happening in Ukraine, opinion polls also revealed that Italians are no longer as opposed to military spending as they once were …

I want to be clear: a modern and effective armed forces are fundamentally a guarantee of the citizens, the safety and the role of Italy in the world. The current context requires that more. Since my inauguration, the adjustment of defense resources has been a priority that I have drawn the attention of Parliament and public opinion to. In the past two years, with the budget laws, important steps have been taken forward, starting with investments. The armed forces are required to respond to critical missions: Defense of the state and its vital interests, defense of the Euro-Atlantic and Euro-Mediterranean regions, and international missions. It is therefore essential that men and women in uniform are empowered to perform in the best possible manner, with maximum efficiency and safety. And that the country can count With a military tool capable of protecting it from all kinds of dangers. The Chamber decided, by a large majority, to motivate the government to quickly reach this goal of NATO membership.

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview published in our newspaper yesterday, praised the Italian commitment and announced that the eastern wing of the alliance would be strengthened: does this mean that we will send more soldiers?

Italy is an important country in the alliance and bears its responsibilities. We were and still are in Latvia with 250 units, in Romania with Atlantic airspace surveillance activities today with 8 Eurofighters and the maritime commitment in the Eastern Mediterranean continues. We are ready to reinforce reassurance measures in the more exposed countries on the southeast side. That is why I have intensified the discussions with Hungary, where we will participate in joint exercises. Initiatives are our contribution to strengthening deterrence as a result of Putin’s choices. NATO is a defensive alliance, not a threat. Whoever says the opposite is lying.

Honorable Minister, but what does it mean that our forces, according to a circular from the General Staff of the army on the 9th of last March, will be trained in the combat situation? Tell the truth, Honorable Minister, are we afraid that the war will also involve Italy directly?

Frankly, I am surprised by the surprise. A normal activity related to the level of exercise and readiness, also taking into account the current context and its possible developments, for the tasks to which the Armed Forces are called up.

Yesterday in Brussels, NATO confirmed it No-fly zone will not be implemented. Russian dissident Khodorkovsky, a former oilman who was on good terms with Putin, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, argues that the West’s mistake is not to understand that the Russian president thinks like a criminal, so he only understands force and thus does not make the no-fly zone a big mistake.

No-fly zone that This will mean that NATO planes will confront Russian planes, and not the solution to the problem because it is a measure that would lead to a significant expansion of the conflict. The solution lies in the path started: severe sanctions against Russia and material support, including sending weapons to Ukraine, to stop Putin and push him into negotiations.

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair questions whether it was fair to tell Putin that whatever the West does in Ukraine, rule out the use of force. Rhetorical question, of course. As if to say that the West should not give up on applying more pressure too soon.

The international community has strongly condemned Putin’s aggression and the shameful bombing of cities. We will continue to stand by the Ukrainian people. The West helps Ukraine defend its sovereignty and resist invasion. I will continue to do so.

Air Chief of Staff Luca Gorretti said a few days ago, at a hearing in the Chamber and Senate Defense Committees, that our Eurofighters are in Romania less than twenty miles from the Ukrainian border, so this is of utmost interest because it suffices a little cross to enter War.. Minister.. need to worry?
However, General Goretti mentioned it
In the exact context in which we operate, absolute attention must be paid to aerial surveillance activities to avoid potential escalation. Clarify to Parliament what processes we carry out and the responsibility we have to carry them out.

Still believe in possibility of negotiation? And what kind of negotiations will be once Kyiv surrenders?

Ukraine heroically resists the Russian invasion. A reckless and bloody attack. s.utin . account error: He underestimated the reaction of the Ukrainian people and the armed forces, underestimated the limits of his military machine, the collective reaction of NATO and European countries and the condemnation of the international community. It’s time to understand that there is no other way than through diplomacy. He admits that strategic victory is no longer possible for him. We need to work for transparent and honest negotiations that end the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

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With this international emergency, NATO appears to have rediscovered its raison d’être, but in light of what is happening, shouldn’t the defensive capacity of the West be rethought?

NATO was already involved in the review From its strategic concept. Russian aggression has renewed this need by focusing attention on the primary task, collective defense. Italy also operates on three pillars that contribute to the main mission: deterrence and defence, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security. Here, too, Putin erred in his erroneous prediction: betting on a NATO presence bent on the dramatic outcome of the Afghan mission, he instead found NATO more determined and united than ever.

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