Lebanon and Nasrallah “A war is better than famine” / “Biden reflects America: sheikhs…”

Lebanon and Nasrallah “A war is better than famine” / “Biden reflects America: sheikhs…”

there war It might be the only way forward for Lebanon. The Hezbollah leader is convinced of this, Hassan Nasrallahthat gives Beirut He issued an important warning, not a coincidence even in time, given the mission of the American president Joe Biden in Israel and Saudi Arabia. A message of deliberate violence that has been overlooked in the West. About the Secretary-General of Hizb allahThe economic and financial crisis that is destroying Lebanon will also result from Israeli policies, especially in the exploitation of natural gas fields located in the disputed waters between the two countries. Threat raises too United Statewhich has long brokered the sharing of energy resources in the eastern Mediterranean between Israel and Lebanon.

Currently Hizb allah raises the risk of open war with Israel. This is one of the few times that Hassan Nasrallah He clearly indicated the possibility of a military confrontation, noting that his statements are not part of the psychological war he is generally waging against the Israelis. Since the current goal is to starve the Lebanese, and have them kill each other in exchange for a piece of bread, he warns: “Between starvation and death in battleHe chooses the second option. The Shiite leader actually indicates that a war with Israel is almost inevitable if it is a starvation plan Lebanon I will continue.

“War? Those who starve Lebanon leave no other choice.”

Moreover, the second war Hassan Nasrallah It would benefit the LebanonWhy “The resistance has many strengths, and Lebanon is the summer of 2022, not the Lebanon of the summer of 2006’, in reference to the 33-day military conflict. According to the newspaper Lorient Le JourWho know the leader Hizb allah They argue that he would not have made such observations and was not sure that he had significant resources to fight. The leader of the Shiite party, then, is ready to go to war Israel Full knowledge of the facts. This time he is the one who wants to provoke her because, according to him, “Those who starve Lebanon leave them no other choiceThe ultimatum is clear: Either Lebanon will be able to extract gas and oil by September or prevent the Israelis from doing so, by all means, including war. Words, unspoken in the West, made a stir in Israel. After all, it could be The outbreak of war has tragic repercussions, at a time when gas is a desirable asset The war in Ukraine and supply difficulties in Europe Russian gasEven if the Middle East alone is not enough to make up for Russia’s gas shortage in Europe, it is still important and therefore peace is essential to supply the Old Continent.

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Cruel attack on the United States

in his speech, Hassan Nasrallah launched a very severe attack on United StateThey also make fun of the boss Joe Biden. “America today is different from that of 2003 and 2006, where the former president of the United States reflects the image of an old age America. The presence of this country in the world has diminished and it suffers from a fairly high inflation, moreover, it does not have a good social status and well-being.“. pointing to The war in UkraineHence the invasion RussiaThe Hezbollah leader also warned of the US role in this conflict. “They did not go to war directly with the Russians, but through the people and government of Ukraine“.

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