Why do humans have butt hair? Science can’t

Humans have a lot of hair: on the face, on the head, in the body, in the armpit and in many other places. However, while science has been able to explain the function of these hairs in different parts of the body in one form or another, There’s a place where hair doesn’t seem to be justified: the backside.

Thus, to try to solve the puzzle, the members SciShow Channel for Scientific Publishing on YouTube They began to study the issue by searching the scientific literature. Unfortunately, it is easy to imagine There are few studies on this topic And the only thing that can be done is endoscopy (by the way, why do we grow more hair on our heads than on the rest of our bodies?).

According to one theory, the hair on our buttocks is there for no reason: Since they are at an “evolutionary level” they do not cause any inconvenience, there is no need to lose them even if they are not useful. The theories do not stop there: according to another point of view, the hair on our backside is used Amplify the smell of our ass. Yes, you read correctly.

It is possible, in fact, that early humans used this “perfume” as an important means of communication. The ability to spread one’s “smell of the rectum”, in fact, would have given our ancestors the possibility to define their territory and attract potential companions (other than cologne!).

There is also a third theory that states that The hair at the back is useful for reducing friction and friction as we move. By trapping sweat, hair prevents our bottoms from suffering from irritation and rashes. In short, considering that these are theories that have not been studied in detail, there may be other reasons as well.

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