Who will Santi Vila, Andrew Mas Collel and Jordi Pujol vote for in 12-M?

Who will Santi Vila, Andrew Mas Collel and Jordi Pujol vote for in 12-M?

BarcelonaOne of the strategies used by parties in the campaign is to show popular support: mainly politicians and former politicians, but also writers, singers, businessmen and athletes who stand out in the days before going to the polls for one candidate or another. Either individually or through data.

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The goal, as Mark Genjuan, a professor of political science at UAB, explained, is to demonstrate the “power” of the nomination in the eyes of voters, as well as its “crossover” vis-à-vis the border voter, especially when combined with support from other political formations. “It seeks to build a sense of consensus after the ceremony,” adds Pablo Simón, a professor of political science at Carlos III University in Madrid.

The impact this kind of support could have on voting is not entirely clear. Guinguan points out that this is “another element” that can be taken into account when conducting the ballot, but he clarifies that it is not the only element. Simon agrees: he believes data can generate a “trump horse” effect on hesitant or less political people, but describes the overall impact it can have on voters as “little to none.”

Let’s review the support the three major candidates have received so far on May 12.

Two former council members, Serat and Jorge Javier Vasquez, grow closer to Ella

As opinion polls approach to reconfirm the 2021 victory, Salvador Illa is one of the candidates who can boast scores of adherence to his political project. The latest support has been received by the socialist leader, who this week posted a photo of himself walking with him Mikel Rocafather of the Constitution and founder of the CDC, is one of Convergence’s former advisors Sante Villa I Mikel Samperwhich hasThey signed a statement calling for a president who is “able to represent all citizens” and who “works for unity and avoid division.”

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The text was submitted last week by Plataforma SI (short for Salvador Illa) and already contains 200 signatures, including that of the director Isabel Coixetsinger and songwriter Joan Manuel Serratthe presenter Jorge Javier Vasquez And the actors Joan Maria Poe, Nuria Espert I Roger Pera. It also includes the name of the designer Javier Mariscalwho was already supporting Jaume Colboni, but in 2015 signed Ada Colao, and two international players: former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa And the European Commissioner Nicola Schmidt. Ella has also received vocal support from the former Commons Secretary Manuel Castells.

Mas Collel will vote for Pere Aragonés

One of the most notable forms of public support for the ERC campaign was that of the former Chancellor Andrew Mac Collel. Who led the economics portfolio in the Artur Mas government, at the beginning of the campaign, gave a conference to the president and candidate Pere Aragones and praised his leadership. And now a few days ago he admitted that he would vote for him in an article in the ARA. “Why would I vote? Being Catalan, it makes sense for me to look to the left. This time I will give them my vote,” he wrote.

In an article published by this newspaper on the same Thursday, several voices appeared in support of the left-wing government and defended that “the progress achieved shows that it is worth continuing.” Among the signatories, most of whom are executive authority officials, but some of whom come from other formations, there is the current Minister of Justice, Gemma ObassartFormer leader of the Podemos party; Former leaders of Kubaria Mireya Boya and Adam Magunow CEOs, and Joan Joseph Nuit, former leader of EUiA and also Director General. Psychologist Alba Alfajimi And the political world Sonia Andolswho work in the interior, also sign the text.

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In a statement on behalf of current Chancellor Carles Campuzano, Broadcast by Digital nationPersonalities like also support the government Montserrat Candiniformer mayor of Calella and former deputy of CiU, i.e Anthony Bayonaformer senior lawyer in Parliament.

From Pujol to Carles Porta and Bertrand: Supporters of Puigdemont

“We have to vote together, vote for Puigdemont,” the former president said. Jordi Pujol On the eve of the election campaign, claiming that the exiled candidate “has provided and continues to provide very loyal and generous support to the Catalan cause.” His support for Puigdemont was one of the most important he gave on 12 May. It was a precursor to another previous presidency, Arthur Maaswho in the last elections supported the PDECat party, and who revealed a few days ago that they will now also vote together.

Apart from these two prominent names, more than 250 personalities signed a statement in support of the post-convergence candidate who, according to the party, already has more than 5,000 supporters. Among the familiar names are rappers Valtonicjournalist Carles PortaThe actors Luis Marco I Lol BertrandThe cook Ada ParrilladaAnthropologist Udald Carbonell And the painter Bellarine Baez. Former politicians from other parties also joined, such as the former deputy of the Union and Progress Party Julien Godard and former Deputy of ICV Carmen GarciaWhich was previously associated with the government of the Republic Council.

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