“It would be good if President Sanchez continued and did not give up.”

“It would be good if President Sanchez continued and did not give up.”

(ACN/Redacció) Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume ColboneHe expressed his support because the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro SanchezTo continue in his position and not resign. “It would be good if President Sanchez continues to lead this positive project and not give up.”Colboni noted in an interview with the newspaper “El Periodico.” “I sympathize with what you may think and feel when I see the ferocity of attacks from the right and far-right, both media and judicial. But There are many conquests to defend“I therefore ask him to continue at the head of the socialist project in Spain and the government,” insisted the mayor, who also showed up “Rejoicing” On Ella's options to become state president: “I see it's ready.”

“Barcelona needs to talk about expansion.”

“I also see that the PSC is strong and aware of the moment we are living in. We have restructured our political proposal on Catalonia, we have a specific program and a great capacity for dialogue and agreement.” “The sum of these components leads me to be optimistic about my party’s options for governing Catalonia. We are about to open this new phase and, finally, dedicate ourselves to everyday things,” continued the mayor of the Catalan capital. “Barcelona needs to talk about metro expansions or the 27 plots of land we gave up for social housing.”was put on the table by Colboni, which also chose to expand Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

On airport expansion: “Always yes”

“Absolutely yes. It's not about pathways, engineers, ecologists and economists need to talk about it.” What this country must decide is where we want to develop the economy and knowledge,” stressed the Mayor of Barcelona.As a city and as a country, it has been very good for us to be connected to the worldHe has given us many opportunities. I Connectivity, especially with Asia and the United States, is today a requirement to retain, generate and attract talent. Colbone warned. “And if that technically means widening the tracks, then To do this in the most efficient and sustainable way.”The mayor concluded.

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