Who slaughters it – Libero Quotidiano

Who slaughters it – Libero Quotidiano

Belin Rodriguez received mediaset. Presenter hyenas And You deserve it He decided to leave both programs, intending to devote himself to new commitments. A change of pace doesn’t convince everyone. Not surprisingly, in his weekly column newAnd Alessandro Cecchi Paoni He responded to a viewer who spoke about the “decline” of the Argentine showgirl. “It seems to me that talking about failure is an exaggeration. I prefer to use the word rotation,” the TV face answered and then determined.

Solid as Belen Rodriguez's life.  VIP scar, earthquake

There was a period when half of Italy enjoyed the presence of Belen Rodriguez Everywhere and In any case. A success so enduring and solid that he has dragged in his wake at least two of his relatives: his sister Cecilia and his brother Jeremias. Then he arrived as required by the laws of life, and therefore television as well descending curve.

In the bathroom of the automatic grill .. Stefano Di Martino's attack against Belen?  |  look

Everything is in the norm, especially in the world of entertainment. Just think of Barbara D’Urso. “Circumstances change and the producers decide the fate of the artists,” he continued, then gave up a heartfelt wish: “We hope that the beautiful and wonderful Belen will make the center again. Sooner or later other doors will open for her.” Meanwhile, on top hyenas it will be Veronica Gentiles.

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