Alicia Marcusi, “I Want to Be Your Lipstick”: The video goes viral

Alicia Marcusi, “I Want to Be Your Lipstick”: The video goes viral

Alicia Marcusi She drives her 5.5 million fans crazy on Instagram, where she is very active. The broadcaster who will return in the next TV season with the second edition of Boomer On Ray2, he often posts photos and videos on the platform. And every time it’s a little bit less successful. This time, she stunned her followers with a video in which Marcusi tries on lipstick from her makeup line.

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In the aforementioned video, the presenter puts on make-up in front of a lighted mirror. In particular, at the end of the make-up, apply the red lipstick to the lips, and then swipe it several times to distribute it as smoothly as possible. At the end, he shows the fans the name of the product and smiles at the camera. In the background is the song “But What’s the Idea” by Pino Dangio. Unleash his followers. One wrote, “I wish I was this lipstick.” Someone else instead: “Sexuality makes man.” still: “You are just a dream.” But Marcusi did not respond to anyone. This summer, among other things, the presenter has always kept her fans up to date with the latest holiday news: this year she has been in different Italian and non-Italian locations, such as the Amalfi Coast, Turkey or London for example. In recent days, a few shots in bikini while on a boat in Turkey have delighted her fans again.

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