The new 2023 Kia Ev9, the first in a series of interesting SUVs with prices for everyone (let’s find out!)

The new 2023 Kia Ev9, the first in a series of interesting SUVs with prices for everyone (let’s find out!)

By 2027, Kia plans to launch 15 new electric vehicle models, including those in the SUV segment, including the new Kia Ev9. Following a common trend adopted by other automakers, Kia intends to incorporate on-demand features as a core component of its future business model.

This strategy can allow cars to be sold with fewer variants, allowing owners to acquire the specific features required at a later stage. To see better:

  • Big steps towards the new Kia Ev9
  • Not just the Kia Ev9, other new models are on the way

Big steps towards the new Kia Ev9

Kia Ev9Although it is located in a niche market, it may serve as a reference model for the brand to attract buyers of high-end SUVs, such as the Range Rover and other brands. The car uses the same E-GMP platform as the current Kia EV6, with a length of 4.93 meters and a wheelbase of 3.1 meters.

It can be equipped with a file Dual engine system and four wheel drive system, but an entry-level variant with a single engine on the rear axle is also being considered. The E-GMP platform features an 800-volt electrical housing, enabling fast charging of up to 350 kW. The EV9 will offer 7 total seats, including 2 additional real seats in the third row.

cockpit Kia Ev9 It’s designed to encourage self-driving, with a foldable steering wheel and swivel front seats. The interior environment is spacious and bright and features an uncluttered design, with recycled materials used for the interiors, including carpets made from recycled fishnets. duty 27 inch digital screen Placed horizontally, it acts as the vehicle’s nerve center, integrating the onboard computer and hardware.

Ev9 is designed to support over-the-air and on-demand software updates, allowing owners to purchase additional features through the vehicle’s connection. This advanced technology allows for greater personalization of the driving experience and vehicle functions.

Not just the Kia Ev9, other new models are on the way

To maintain a niche in the A-segment of entry-level cars, Kia is developing a variant of its E-GMP electric platform, designed to fit future compact models. These vehicles can be produced at Kia’s Slovakia plant, which currently assembles the Ceed and Sportage models.

Kia presents today Picanto internal combustion engines and plans to launch a new version of this model. Over the next two years, the company intends to put on the market a new city car equipped with a hybrid or electric drive, with an estimated price of around 18,000 euros. Kia has confirmed its commitment to electrification in its range of vehicles and hinted at a future model ev1 It could compete with cars like the Volkswagen ID 2 and could be related to a successorHyundai i10 for beginners.

Production version of Kia Ev5 Concept It must be true to the original concept. As with the Ev9, Kia’s Ev5 also stands out for its distinctive design, inspired by the brand’s Opposites United philosophy, featuring taut lines and strong shoulders. At the front of the car is a coil New digital tiger facewith a two-level light signature that pays homage to the iconic Tiger Nose.

The flat bonnet features two distinct ribs that accentuate the car’s musculature. Inside the Kia Ev5 Concept, designers have expanded the design introduced in the Ev9, taking advantage of the large space offered by The E-GMP platform is for electric vehicles. The estimated price of the Kia Ev5 Concept is around 33,000 euros, but further cost reductions should be considered thanks to government (both regional and local) incentives that could bring it down to 28,000 (or even less).

It will include scaling too Kia Ev3, intended to compete with other B-segment electric SUVs offered by generic brands. with Jeep Avenger which covers the market with very compact dimensions, almost at the level of a small car, e.g Peugeot e-2008 The Kia Ev3 is positioned as a 4.30-meter compact electric SUV in this competitive size range.

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