28 activities for young people from La Seu d’Urgell and the region

28 activities for young people from La Seu d’Urgell and the region

This year’s alternative entertainment program for young people in La Seu d’Orgel and the region, insomniasuggests a total of 28 proposals Of the different topics that will occur From June 25 to August 26 With theatre, music, sports, games, cinema, wellness, art and performances, among other activities to enjoy the summer holidays. Youth Advisor at La Seu City Council, Cristina MorenoExplain what “Another year, insomnia arrives and with it the illusion of summer evenings. We continue to diversify the proposals for all tastes and all ages. We encourage everyone to participate in activities and fill the different spaces of the city with life..

Of the total 28 activities, 22 are located at the headquarters and 6 are located in other cities in the region. Once again, in creating this expanded summer programme, we have been able to rely on many young people, as well as the Celebrations Department and the Sports Service, in addition to having different agents such as the SAI Network and the Equality Service. , Encoratjades Choir, Allau, Theater School, Cadí Canoe Kayak Club, The Refuge, CAU, graffiti artist Oriol Garreta, local young DJs, Meteopirineus, Cinemes Guiu, artists such as Ariadna Llobet, among others

Summer 2024 news

New this year is the Black Sun Quartet’s musical performance Thursday 4 July At Parc del Cade, 7:30 p.m. It is also worth noting that from the novelty is the monologue held on July 25 with the Nous Theater, organized by the Equality District of the County Council. Also highlight the night of July 31, c. Canonges would be the stage for anyone A concert organized jointly by Al-Rafuji for Electro Music and Music Bingoresponsible for CAU.

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This summer he will be there Billiards sessions for two nights, On July 18 and August 19, it was organized in conjunction with the Sports Service, and is one of the most anticipated activities by the youth of the municipality. As for the August 19th session, there will be a performance DJ Leah JensenWho plays the violin. What’s more, Oriol Garita will be drawing live graffiti on the walls with neon lights.

It is also worth noting the musical show on Tuesday, August 20, as part of the festival’s major events with the band SvetlanaAs part of the “Marana World Tour”. This is a musical duo from Barcelona born in the summer of 2020 after years of songwriting during endless party nights. It is focused on “entertainment”. They use music to deliver criticism through humor, as well as the need for fellowship and empowerment.

More activities and recordings

The Insomni 2024 program also proposes more activities such as walks with musical performances, three open-air cinema sessions which this summer offer the novelty of selling popcorn, in charge of the CAU; Third edition of The Whip in Parc del Segre; Steering Race Vista Major; Vista Major Gang Traditional Gym, Sunday 25 August.

Another new feature of Insomni is the escape room on Monday 26 August, “Alien Invasion”, with different tests distributed throughout the municipality. Participants will be able to meet a 7-meter flying saucer. Groups of up to 6 people can register for this activity, and each group will have a digital tablet and speaker.

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It is worth noting that to participate in some of these activities you have to do Pre-registration From the link http://agenda.laseu.cat/insomni Which will open next Monday, July 1.

For more information about the Insomni program you can call 973350010 upon request from the Youth and Children Area or send an email to [email protected]

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