Who replaces the boss – Il Tempo

Who replaces the boss – Il Tempo
Alessandra Zafata

Joe Biden will not attend the coronation of King Charles on May 6 in London. The President of the United States has already made commitments and will not leave Washington. The ceremony, which will be held in Westminster Abbey, will be attended by First Lady Jill Biden and an American delegation.

Karen Pierce, Britain’s ambassador to the United States and Buckingham Palace, have held “cordial and diplomatic” talks with the White House over the coronation in recent days, The Telegraph reported, but Biden aides said the president had prior commitments. It is destined to be a hugely poignant absence, especially because so far none of the heads of state invited to crown Queen Elizabeth’s successor have surrendered.

Also, according to English newspapers, it seems that not all is lost and it seems that “some efforts are under way to see if Biden can be persuaded to come to the coronation.” They declared from Washington that the president’s agenda is “not veiled.” On September 19, Joe Biden and his wife visited the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of Elizabeth II, in Westminster Abbey. They were also present at Carlo’s reception at Buckingham Palace.

The absence of the American president can be interpreted as disrespectful, according to many. And also because Biden will soon be in Belfast to celebrate the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreements that ended the civil war in Northern Ireland on April 10, 1998, but will leave again before King Charles arrives. For others, Joe Biden’s absence from the coronation ceremony is nothing more than a “security issue” due to the escalation of the war in Ukraine.

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