LODI Raffaella teacher has died at the age of 59: «We say to her ‘ciao belè’

LODI Raffaella teacher has died at the age of 59: «We say to her ‘ciao belè’

Pascoli’s colleagues said: “It was his characteristic salute. He will always be on our minds.”

Raffaella Bernasconi, a teacher at Pascoli Primary School in Lodi, has died at the age of 59. The teacher, loved by all her pupils and colleagues, was welcomed yesterday by relatives, friends, teachers, families and former students, at the funeral ceremony which took place at 2 pm in the Church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice.

In the last farewell to the teacher, who left her parents, her husband and four children when she left, the parish was packed.

Ill for some time, having had a sudden deterioration and there being nothing more to do, she left on Sunday night, surrounded by the affection of those who loved her. “Rafaela was always cheerful and sunny, – her colleagues recall, – you could see her walking on her hand with her students. You can hear it from afar, and you can recognize it by the pitch and noise the heel 12 makes on the ground. It was always sunny in his skinny jeans. He was commuting on his bike, always smiling. As he approached, he greeted everyone with the unmistakable “ciao belé”: it was his distinguishing feature. He came to school every day with a smile. Even now that she’s home sick, we’ve been talking a lot.”

Raffaella Bernasconi «She was a good teacher – the teachers note – she took her children seriously, was helpful and kind to all the staff. We, our colleagues, want to remember her like this and know that she will always be in our thoughts.”

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